The 2006 New York Pro


New York City is felt, even before it comes into view. It is a place that swells in the heart, just as the city’s silhouette takes form against the spanning continent behind it, profound and far reaching. The first settlers facing the absence of a skyline I’m sure had an idea of what New York could become.

It was, even from the start a city whose purpose seemed to push the limits of what could be possible, maybe this is why New York is the perfect setting for those who like to take out the boundaries and lets be honest, who are more customary than the IFBB Pro bodybuilders that were gracing their presence for the magnificent highlight on the east coast….The New York Pro.

heath The 2006 New York Pro 1st
Phil Heath is a man on a mission. In six shows out of six in total he has held his hand high in victory. Last week he won at Denver as a rookie to the pro ranks and this week he took another championship belt taking out another top 10 Olympia contender along the way — Dennis James. On this side of the country Phil packed a physique that was loaded with a little more glycogen to show how full he could go. Evidently he wasn’t as sharp as last week but his inseparable symmetry and immense muscle beauty picked out flaws in other challengers that had otherwise been quietly covered. His muscles sit deep into his 215lb foundation, tan was polished and the posing he graced on stage was depicted with great confidence and hunger to be the best the world has seen.

Heaths potential here is only starting to rear its head following only four years in the weight room that most will never experience in a life time. A win that again was deserving will probably end his slaying reign this year when he competes in this years Olympia but where he fits into the puzzle is a mystery I for one cant wait to witness.

charles The 2006 New York Pro 2nd
Darrem Charles walked on stage to the sound of gasps of air when he flexed from the front but as soon he turned his back to the audience he showered them with a display of water evident from top to bottom and this alone may have lost Darrem the winners pay day he so dearly strives. The quads were so feathered they looked as though they could fly but unfortunately are handicapped with a lack of flare which doesn’t add any flow to his lines that are slowed slightly by his wide oblique’s. Charles has the best arms amongst the top five posers and has shoulders that bowl out most standing in his way but Darrem has a knack to be judged on past showings and although he was close, today he wasn’t the one left with the cigar.

Dennis James came through on his promise to dial in a slightly smaller waist but this has no added benefit when he brings in the condition of an asthmatic running a marathon. His normally intimidating muscles were covered in a film of water that was deflated further than we have seen in days gone past. His normally inspiring side chest was without striation and these are just some of the ingredients that were missing in the Menaces cook book to qualify for a New York best seller. However he did walk away with his tale between his legs packing an Olympia qualifying spot in which he can stand a chance of redeeming himself.

henry The 2006 New York Pro 4th
I cannot conceive how David Henry’s condition could improve from his outstanding appearance in Denver last week but then backstage when I saw David’s even more drawn in face I knew that we were in for a treat and he sure delivered. His bursting muscle bellies protruded with individual characteristics with every pose displaying fibrous twitches aching to win this show. Boo’s rang out at Henry’s fourth place announcement adding that he should have been in the running for top honors only to be used like a one night stand. Personally I had him as high as second as did Dorian Yates who was debuting on the judging panel. His height obviously worked against him but he surely cannot be denied for much longer.

willmore The 2006 New York Pro 5th
Last week some said that Bill Willmore was lucky to obtain a 5th place credential but fast forward to the New York Pro and his position was much more accepting given the fact that he looked more polished all round. Slightly fuller, Bill was more balanced and was generally more flowing through his extra dry body parts that eventually earned him a qualification into the Mr Olympia league. Showing one of the thickest and widest backs in the business Bill Will sure take names and eclipse others to further stamp his authority that has already impressed in his rookie career.

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