Fit Expo 2007 – The Tastiest Expo on Record!


article 2007 fit expo Fit Expo 2007   The Tastiest Expo on Record! What a great turnout for the Fit Expo 2007! One would think that the IronMan bodybuilding show is what everyone came to see, but all indications say that wasn’t the case. It appears that the champ this year was Lisa Gleave, the strikingly beautiful ProSource Supreme Protein bar model who is also one of the star models of the hit TV game show “Deal or No Deal”. If you were lucky enough to break through the swarm of ProSource customers and fans to get close enough to our booth to see her, you would not only be amazed by her beauty, but also how warm and receptive she was to everyone. Lisa is the model featured in the national ad campaign for the Supreme Protein bar. This quadruple layer protein bar, that contains 30 grams of high quality protein, exploded into what has become the most sought after bar in America. Lisa and Lynda, who is another ProSource model, were handing out samples of the bar, the new 2007 ProSource Buyer’s Guides (over 200 pages!), and other give-aways to thousands of satisfied customers and fans. The taste and texture of the Supreme Protein bar is so impressive that sales reps from two other protein bar companies (that used to be the top sellers but now are outsold 10 to 1 by the Supreme Protein bar in 7-11′s, Vitamin Shoppe’s, and every other retail location they’re in) told our girls that they have never tasted a protein bar, or candy for that matter, that tasted as good as ours. Need we say anymore?

Now, if you missed the Fit Expo you still have an opportunity to see Lisa, Lynda, Karen, and Liz at our booth at the Arnold, along with our special guest Bubba The Love Sponge from Sirius Radio Howard 101! Yes, he will be signing autographs and taking pictures with his fans on Saturday March 3rd at the ProSource booth. Make sure you stop by and see what all the excitement is about.

PS- Oh, and click here to check out some of the pictures from the Fit Expo.

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