Former competitive bodybuilder gets his edge back


article success salerno 01 Former competitive bodybuilder gets his edge back

Lou Salerno, Age 35. Weight Lost: 18 lbs

In the years since he’d stopped aggressively training, Lou Salerno watched his body fat creep up to unacceptable levels. “I wasn’t happy with my physique,” Lou says. “I knew I had to make some changes.” As a father of two children who also works often long hours as a FedEx driver, Lou had little leisure time in which to install a comprehensive training regimen. In order to attain his goal, he would have to make the most of precision-targeted workouts, careful dieting É and Tetrazene ES-50.

“Tetrazene really controlled my hunger and gave me more energy for my workouts,” Lou says. “With my busy schedule, I really have to bring maximum intensity to the gym floor. I do high numbers of reps with relatively low weights, plus a half-hour of intense cardio after every workout, so momentum is really key. Tetrazene really gave me an advantage there.”

In addition, Tetrazene’s unique KGM-based formulation helped eliminate the counterproductive snacking and poor food choices that are often a product of days spent on the road. “With Tetrazene ES-50, I was easily able to avoid the temptations that are constantly out there for drivers. Doughnuts, muffins, fast food–resisting that stuff has been easy since I started with Tetrazene.”

In addition, Lou pays strict attention to his daily meal plan. “I break it down very specifically,” he says. “2300 calories per day, 200 grams of protein, 120 grams of carbs, and 40 grams of fat. A lot of chicken and eggs, some rice and potatoes, and I depend on protein shakes to really max out my daily protein intake. You’ve got to feed the muscles, if you’re going to succeed.”

Succeed is exactly what he did. With the help of Tetrazene ES-50, he lost 18 pounds of excess fat and ripped up to the point where he’s considering re-entering competition. “If I continue to live this healthy lifestyle,” he says, “anything is possible.”

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