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    Bill is back! (09/21)
    Bill Wilmore’s bodybuilding triumph came last year when he stepped upon the IFBB stage and finished within the top 5 of his first two professional shows. Although this was a significant milestone, people have since written him off as a flash in the pan and a fly by night of the pro league. In 2007 Wilmore kicked sand in the critic’s faces by coming back at the Europa Super Show, taking names and a third place finish which guaranteed him an Olympia placing, and some lost respect of his peers.

    “I’m feeling good after the Europa and I am confident with my Olympia preparation. Hany Rhambod (Bill’s nutritionist) has everything mapped out for me who takes off a tremendous amount of pressure and makes the whole scenario a lot easier to deal with,” said Bill.

    Now the critics have failed to demise Wilmore’s good will, they will more than likely come out and dismiss his Olympia appearance as a fluke. Let’s hope he comes out with those massive guns blazing to shoot down anyone who attempts to play down his game face.

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    German Invasion (09/21)
    As we went to press, four athletes representing Germany have qualified for the 2007 Mr. Olympia.

    Dennis James who has finished as high as the top 5th on this stage in the past qualified by taking second to Branch Warren at the New York Pro and will be looking to redeem his disappointing 7th place at the Colorado Pro several weeks later.

    Finishing one place behind Dennis James at the New York Pro was Dennis Wolf. Wolf went onto the Keystone Classic one week later to claim his first win of his professional career and in doing do has inflicted a turn of direction that the bodybuilding world could be well received. 28 year old Wolf’s good looks, small waist, flaring shoulders and fantastic symmetry could be a promotional poster for the outside world.

    The German giant Markus Ruhl will be creaking the Olympia stage once again when he steps up to stand shoulder to shoulder with the mass monsters. The thorn in his side will be his lack of condition through his back, hamstrings and glutes that has yet to adequately sliced for Olympia company. His recent pec tear will also be something that can pose a problem if he wants to “Ruhl” this world.

    Ronny Rockel, much like Wolf has nice flowing lines balanced upon a muscular frame that is structured well for his height. His overall muscle balance is even better than Wolfs who lacks the calve, hamstring and back thickness that the rest of his body posses, but Rockel pretty much has it all. His back could use a shallow more thickness but other than that this guy has all the tools to crack the top ten given the right judiciary treatment.

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    Coleman Vs Cutler (09/21)
    Have you ever noticed that the people who cry about everyone’s conception of the 2007 Mr. Olympia as being a two man show is the…………other competitors. Some say it is boring but the media are having a field day with it. It is like a show in itself and I for one, speaking on behalf of a fans perspective see nothing wrong with it at all. After all, we are speaking of the two largest Olympian athletes, one a former Mr. Olympia, the other our current champion.
    As much as this dual is physical, it is also mental. Fear has the universal advantage of making one fight or flee. On September 29th we will find out which of these universal out comes match up with Cutler and Coleman.

    Last year Ronnie was clearly holding a huge amount of water where as Cutler wasn’t. The notion of that small mishap could be enough to give Coleman the motivation to take back what he feels is rightfully his, but I am sure Jay will have something to say about that. Cutler is now the new champ and feels very comfortable where he is sitting and has done everything he could this past year to prevent any retaliation to second position where he has found himself standing on many occasions.

    The dual between these two titans will be a battle that you wont want to miss and will go down as one of the most supreme in bodybuilding history.

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    Eddie Ready to Obliterate (09/21)
    Eddie Abbew is bigger than ever. At four weeks out from his Olympia debut he was weighing in at 290Ibs, looking full, healthy and very hard. “My goal is to use the same formula that I followed this year which got me my podium finish at the Ironman,” the Englishman told Prosource.

    A third place ranking at the Ironman Pro Show secured Eddie his Olympia invite which he has been vying for since joining the pro ranks 10 years ago. He sought the assistance of fellow IFBB Pro – Ernie Taylor which gave him the tools to come in absolutely peeled when he walked onstage earlier this year.

    Eddie is a registered nurse in his native England and hopes that there will be many wounded at the 2007 Olympia following the torment and thrashing he will implement on his competition.

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    Cormier CAN’T comeback (09/21)
    As I reported last week in the gossip column titled “Can Comier Comeback,” I asked if Chris Cormier could in fact fill out and sharpen up from his fourth placing at Montreal in time for the Atlantic City Pro which was held the following week. The answer was no………for this year at least. Chris missed out on his Olympia qualification for 2007 and was relegated back to 7th place in a field that was much more competitive than the week prior. Melvin Anthony, David Henry and Craig Richardson all entered the fray with the contestants of last week to justify Cormier’s placing. The size that Chris is holding at this moment of his career isn’t nearly enough to mix with the big boys and I fear that father time has a different path to take than a successful and rejuvenated Pro career.

    Cormier has been a formidable force in bodybuilding and I have learnt never to count him out even with his chips down but with his setbacks as of late I fear we have seen the best of this bodybuilding legend.

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    Johnnie Reverses his Role (09/21)
    One of the bridesmaids of last weeks Montreal Pro became the bride in Atlantic City and stole the show from a hugely competitive field all wanting to catch the bouquet.

    Johnnie Jackson, who finished third behind Darrem Charles and Quincy Taylor in Canada last week managed to tighten up considerably and pulled on the reigns to bring the Atlantic City Pro title within striking distance. He was much fuller and considerably more shredded than seven days prior which was enough to surpass the monster of mass – Quincy Taylor and the king of condition – Darrem Charles.

    This is Jackson’s second pro win of his career which is a huge contrast the earlier segment of the 07 season where he finished eighth at the Keystone Classic and ninth at the Colorado Pro following a lengthily layoff. This result will surely provide him with the much needed confidence to crack the top eight at the Mr. Olympia which is now less than two weeks away.

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    Melvin loses his Momentum (09/21)
    Although Melvin Anthony had already qualified for the 2007 Mr. Olympia, he decided to enter the pre show fray by entering the Atlantic City Pro to take home some pocket change along the way. That literally did turn out to be pocket change as he was relegated out of the top three which has devastated the momentum of his fifth place finish at that was carrying him as a favorite challenger to climb mount Olympia.

    Several inside experts such as Bob Cicherello and Allan Donelly of FLEX magazine warned that Melvin had much more to lose than to gain by taking this show in his stride. Now, Melvin will have to contend with Darrem Charles, Johnnie Jackson and David Henry, who all beat him over the weekend, before he can get his teeth sunk into his previous Olympia threats.

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    Taylor trips up (09/21)
    “There is no way I will compete in the Olympia without a win, I will get my ass handed to me without a victory under my belt”. These are the words that Quincy Taylor spoke going into the Europa Super Show in Texas this year where he was favorite to snatch his first win. As we all know by now things didn’t go as planned for the big Q.T., and a disappointing fourth place in Texas forced Taylor to sharpen his game plan and vie for his win in Montreal two weeks later. Darrem Charles showed up and spoiled the party by relegating Quincy to second and then a week later his hopes were destroyed when he finished a lowly 6th place behind Craig Richardson at Atlantic City over the weekend.

    So the question remains, will Taylor stick to his first gun and pull out of the Olympia due to his vacant victory, or will he battle for supremacy within the top 10 in Vegas where he believes he so rightfully belongs. Stay tuned to Prosource to find out.

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The History of Mr. Olympia

The History of Mr. Olympia Joe Weider, co-founder of the International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB) created the Mr. Olympia Contest, first held on September 18, 1965 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Larry Scott, already holding the title for Mr. America, Mr. World and Mr. Universe, took the title for Mr. Olympia in 1965 and again in 1966. In 1966, at 28, Larry announced his retirement from competition. From 1967-1969 Sergio "The Myth" Oliva, held the undefeated title. In 1969, he was challenged by a new and upcoming bodybuilder from Austria named Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was a tough decision, but Sergio held his title. However, in 1970, Arnold took over the title, holding on to it for the next 5 years until announcing his retirement. With Arnold now out of the show Franco Columbo was crowned the new Mr. Olympia in 1976 then like Arnold announced his retirement from competition. From 1977-1979, Frank Zane held the spot finally losing his title in 1980 where Arnold made his history making comeback by winning the title for the seventh and last time before retiring for good. 1981 saw the comeback of former Mr. Olympia champion Franco Columbo who won for the second time then officially retired. With the new title up for grabs in 1982 Chris Dickerson became the oldest man to win the title. 1983 was the year of the "Lion of Lebanon" Samir Bannout who put it all together to be the 6th man to have the title. 1984 started the streaked of the "Totalee Awesome"Lee Haney who made his mark on history by winning the Mr. Olympia a record 8 consecutive times. In 1992 with Lee Haney officially retired Dorian Yates captured the title and held it for 6 years until hanging up his posing trunks. In 1998 the bodybuilding world was taken by storm with the arrival of Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie has since tied Lee Haney’s record for consecutive wins holding the title for 8 years until 2006, when his winning streak was broken by Jay Cutler. In the 42 years since the first Mr. Olympia Contest there has been a total of 11 pro bodybuilders who have held the title of "Mr. Olympia."

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New Weekly Gossip (updated)

  • The Gladiators are back! (9/11)

    The hit T.V. show that graced our screens over a decade ago is about to grace our screens one again. The American Gladiators, which puts the average American up against the fierce force of the super athlete, has been running casting and fitness tests around Gold’s gym in Venice. The producers of the original Gladiators show have been casting bodybuilders such as Gary Strydom, Marika Johansson and David Hughes amongst others which will be very exciting for the world wide audience and even better for the bodybuilding world. It has been said that the recording of the entire eight weeks series will be filmed in as little as four days. Contenders are will have their fitness test casting this coming weekend at the Venice Golds Gym .

  • Ronnie Coleman

  • 2008 Will Be Ronnie’s Swan Song (9/11)

    Get your tickets for the 2008 Mr. Olympia pronto if you want your chance to see the former eight times (and possibly nine times) champion for the last time because this will be the last occasion that Ronnie Coleman will stand upon the bodybuilding stage. “Win or lose I will not be competing at the Olympia anymore,” Coleman said this week.

    1997 was the year that Coleman upset the bodybuilding world and snatched the first of eight Olympia victories only to lose for the first time last year. Again, people are predicting that Ronnie is the underdog to the current champion – Jay Cutler which could spell trouble for the people in Vegas who get bitten by the betting bug. A wounded Ronnie is a dangerous one and at the end of this month we will know if those fears will push him to fight or flee.

  • Darrem Charles

    Darrem Dominates Again! (9/11)

    The consistent veteran Darrem Charles took home the spoils once again in 2007 which seems to be an annual occasion for the balanced bruiser who is originally from Trinidad. Charles as of late has had some small issues trying to bring his back up to the ripped condition of his anterior body parts but in Montreal he seemed to find the formula to a winning combination of sliced and diced muscle all round. Most agreed that this was the best condition that Darrem had brought to date which kept up a winning streak that he has managed to uphold for the past six years. This is Darrems eight pro win to date and not expected to be the last. He goes into the Atlantic City Pro show this coming weekend in an attempt to take that record to nine.

  • Can Cormier Comeback? (9/11)

    Without a doubt, Cormier’s 4th place at the Montreal Pro is nothing to be frowned upon. Only last year he was bed bound for weeks with a major spinal injury and was left with a dark cloud hanging over his career as a competitive bodybuilder. However, finishing out of the top three for Cormier caliber is somewhat of a let down and possibly a loss considering that he has still been hyped as the one guy who has the potential to take an Olympia title back to his LA residence. Chris showed up slightly smaller all round, most noticeably in his legs and his back and appears that he has completely torn off the left tricep which obviously hinders the symmetry that he has been known for and what he has fallen back on when his condition has let him down. The people who finished above him, Darrem Charles, Quincy Taylor and Johnnie Jackson in the past wouldn’t have posed a threat to Cormier but his rise back onto the competition stage may have been a little premature.

    Chris will compete in this weeks Atlantic City show to hopefully qualify for this months Mr. Olympia and to redeem himself, which I’m sure he can if he manages to dry out and fill up from his Montreal form.

  • Tokyo troubles

    Tokyo troubles (9/10)
    I don’t normally write a feature that includes me but on this occasion I feel the necessity is convenient. I have just returned from a tour of Asia where I played role of a physique model for a famous celebrity photographer named Peter Svenson, and also as his assistant for the photographic seminars he was holding in each country.

    Upon the arrival to our hotel in Tokyo I decided to locate a decent gym for a much needed hardcore chest workout. When I entered the conveniently equipped gym I was shocked to be told that I couldn’t train in their facility and was promptly asked to leave. When I questioned why the rejection, I was told it was because I bared tattoos on my arms. After several other gym staff and the floor manager backed up this claim I told them that I would return with a long sleeve top to cover my apparently unsightly art. “No, we already know they are there and that is forbidden in this country” I was told.

    I left with my tail between my legs and was reduced to an hour of plyometrics in my hotel gym which had as much helpful equipment as what was unfortunately exposed to me by the lady boys in Thailand.

    I later found out that the only people in Tokyo that bare body art are those associated with the Mafia. Tattooed tourist beware.

  • Robinson back with Weider

    Robinson back with Weider (9/10)
    Not quite, but he is about to grace the pages of the very magazine empire he spent years in court battling over money and principles.

    The famous bust which shows Joe Weider standing proud with his arms crossed looks very impressive from all angles, rightfully so when you consider that those arms belonged to the “Black Prince”, Robby Robinson. Robby posed for the bust as it was sculpted but was later left with a bitter taste in his mouth when he saw that Uncle Joe had put his own head on top of Robinsons beautifully proportioned physique. That ended up in a court confrontation, and Weider stopped putting any pictures of Robby in their magazines over fear of further legalities.

    Fast forward to September, 2007 and Robby is back with a feature that is sure to stand the bodybuilding world to attention. Robby had a shoot for FLEX magazine last week training with his protégé Chris Cormier whom he is helping to prepare for the Atlantic City Pro and then hopefully onto the Olympia. At 61 years old, Robby was as ripped as Cormier which goes to show that bodybuilders can age like wine given proper supplementation, nutrition and training attention and all those very commodities are found on this very site.

  • Flex Wheeler

    Naturaly clean comeback (9/10)
    The former Arnold Classic champion and bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler is on the verge of another comeback to the bodybuilding stage as a complete natural in an attempt to make statement of his unbelievable and superior genetic potential.

    Several years ago, Flex was forced into retirement following kidney failure in which he needed a transplant to save his life. A donor from his church kindly stepped forward and Flex stepped back from bodybuilding as a competitor but moved on as a successful photo and editorial journalist. “I want to see what I can bring to the table as a drug free bodybuilder. The only thing that is holding me back is knowing there would be people relishing the chance to gloat if they beat me, which is bound to happen with my handicap,” said a healthy appearing Wheeler.

    Various people, including his former trainer Charles Glass, have been quick to point out that Flex shouldn’t burn his candle at both ends and keep his legendary status where it is – in the past, and his health for the future

  • Jack Lalanne

    Muscle Beach on Fire (9/10)
    Labor Day weekend at bodybuilding’s Mecca – Muscle Beach was hot with a buzz as was the weather. The sweltering heat didn’t burn out the spirits and enthusiasm of the crowd as a sporting Icon – Jack Lalanne was entered into the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame. Jack had been the recipient of the Lifetime achievement award at the Arnold Classic this year and continues to deserve his accolades for his contribution to the sport of health, fitness and bodybuilding. “If man doesn’t make it, don’t eat it”, he shouted to the huge Californian crowd. Former Mr. America and Pumping Iron icon – Bill Grant was also inducted and looked at least 20 years his 60 year junior as he flexed his biceps for the camera’s.

    Local resident Joe Tong took the overall trophy for the Labor Day amateur bodybuilding event.

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