ProSource Fuels Top UFC Contender Frank Edgar in his Quest for 8-0-0

On September 17th, when Frank Edgar steps into the Octagon against seasoned lightweight veteran Spencer Fisher as part of the UFC 78 Validation fight card, his professional destiny will be at stake. Win and the newly 8-0-0 fighter will have established himself as a top contender for the UFC Lightweight Title. Lose, and he’ll have to pick up the pieces and start building momentum all over again. The pivotal nature of this fight hasn’t been lost on Frank Edgar. Indeed, shaped by a newly focused and intense full-time training regimen and fueled by his favorite ProSource sports supplements, Frank Edgar is in the best shape of his life.

In preparation for the next big step in his UFC career, this Saturday night at the new Prudential Center in Newark NJ, Edgar has taken a break from his part-time plumbing job and devoted himself full-time to his main passion, training and fighting in different venues across the nation. “I’m constantly seeking out different workout partners,” Edgar says. “You have to do that in order to keep up with everybody else, especially a guy like Spencer Fisher.”

Clearly, proper supplementation is key, too. “In Mixed Martial Arts, it’s all about power and speed. I have to stay lean while maximizing strength and stamina. So I have to eat clean. Protein quality is critical, so I stick to a 100% pure whey isolate like ProSource NytroWhey. No fat, no excess carbs. Also I like to use ProSource’s Glutamine. With my extended, high-intensity training regimen, I have to prevent muscle breakdown and deterioration as much as possible, and ProSource Glutamine is the best anti-catabolic you can buy.”

article 2007 Frank Edgar 02 ProSource Fuels Top UFC Contender Frank Edgar in his Quest for 8 0 0 Frank EdgarTo sustain the grueling workout regimen that is commonplace immediately prior to a scheduled fight, the 155-pound lightweight has to eat consistently throughout the day, while adhering to the highest nutritional standards. That’s where another key supplement comes into play.

“Supreme Protein bars work for me. They’ve got just six net carbs per bar, and their protein profile is first rate. More high-quality whey isolate than any other bar out there and they’re a delicious gourmet snack. I eat two or three a day, so I’m never tempted to eat junk when I’m training.”

Does the up-and-coming contender care to make any predictions about Saturday’s UFC fight?

“It’s going to be a great fight. I’m going to back in New Jersey,” the Toms River-based fighter says. “I’m going to have a home crowd behind me and a terrific competitor in the Octagon with me. Expect the sparks to fly.”

From Research to Results: Whey Protein Isolate Delivers Unsurpassed Muscle Growth

bodybuilder From Research to Results: Whey Protein Isolate Delivers Unsurpassed Muscle GrowthFor years, researchers and bodybuilders alike have argued the relative merits of different kinds of protein. But now, for the first time, there’s mounting scientific evidence that favors one type of protein over others. This distinction is of vital importance for athletes, because when it comes to resistance exercise (such as weight lifting), supplementing your diet with the highest-quality protein available is absolutely essential to reducing protein breakdown and ensuring proper transport of amino acids into skeletal muscle. In short, the quality of protein ingested is vitally important for optimum protein synthesis and resulting muscle gain.

Armed with this knowledge, athletes can now ensure that they’re getting the most mass-building value when they choose whey protein isolate. Even better, a related breakthrough in bioavailability enhancement (Arginine AKG) is about to usher in an entirely new era in "super proteins." But we’ll get to that later.

Why One Whey is Better than the Others
The method of determining protein quality is referred to as the biological value (BV), and of the two main proteins-casein and whey-whey protein has the highest BV score of 100. Along these lines, there are two primary types of whey protein to consider: Whey Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate (WPI). Whey concentrate is generally considered a lower-grade form of protein because it contains higher amounts of fat and lactose, more impurities and has less biological value. Unfortunately, most protein products on the market contain whey concentrate. Conversely, whey protein isolates have proven to be superior to concentrates and other proteins primarily because whey isolate contains:
sm nytrowheyextremechoc 4lb From Research to Results: Whey Protein Isolate Delivers Unsurpassed Muscle Growth

  • the highest percentage of pure protein
  • more amino acids & BCAA’s
  • greater bioavailability
  • little or no carbohydrates
  • little or no lactose
  • no impurities
  • the highest levels of critical anabolic microfractions

Based on these criteria alone, whey protein isolate is clearly the superior protein and offers the greatest opportunity
for maximum muscle growth.

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