The Hard, Cold Facts About Fat-Burning and Fat Loss

First in a Series

article 2008 cold facts about burning fat loss The Hard, Cold Facts About Fat Burning and Fat Loss Everybody wants to lose fat. But very few people want to address the profound lifestyle changes that would make that difficult challenge a reality.

The prime cause of the obesity epidemic in this country has been a radical change in lifestyles over the last forty years. Those of us with a trace of gray on the side can remember a time very different from the present. It’s not simply that we eat differently now and no longer appreciate “simple, honest cooking” or that we are rarely involved in passive activity such as walking to the store. It’s everything in our lives. When it comes to fat loss, so many people want to know, “What is the one thing I can do?” Well, truth be-told, the one thing is the whole thing.

Let’s understand the errors and plot a rock-solid course to change things once and for all.

Step one is to understand the errors of the past and change the future. With regard to diet, food choices have changed and basically we need to re-think everything. So let’s go with five basic rules to implement in the first thirty days:

  • Never eat anything pre-packaged of from a box. This eliminates issues of deadly food additives including sodium nitrate, Acesulfame-K, Trans Fats, Potassium Bromate, MSG, Propyl Gallate, Olestra, Aspartame, BHA and BHT.
  • Never drink soft drinks or drinks with artificial ingredients.
  • Drive by the drive-thru. Never eat “fast-food”.
  • Consume 10-15 vegetables a day at a minimum and stress the inclusion of cruciferous vegetables.
  • Add one extra fruit and vegetable (i.e. 4-5 servings) with your breakfast and lunch and reduce one serving with your dinner.

Those five habits may seem simple, but they are life changing. They will rip fat from your body, build muscle, energize your life, radically improve your overall well-being and go a very long way to awakening general sexual health. If you want an added push, I heavily urge you to use the supplement stack found in “Simplicity Part 3“, a key entry in the Articles section of In addition, I would further stress that all males over the age of thirty add BioQuest Oxygaine™ to their supplementation regimen. Oxygaine is the most comprehensive, wide-spectrum anti-aging support system that I know of.

Step two isn’t such a simple task. While the first series of rules involved habits, this series involves “hard work.” While many people can appreciate the advantages derived from hard work, few embrace the effort and commitment needed to fully incorporate it into their lives. I’ve learned from a very young age that “hard work” is the hidden ingredient to success. I recall in my youth, being quite ill, with my “back-against-the-wall” if you will. At this key interval in my life, baseball immortal Frank Robinson took the time to visit me and write me a simple message. “Things worth having are worth working for,” he wrote. To this day, I have tremendous gratitude and respect for Mr. Robinson, and I hope I can pass his inspiring message on to you. This won’t be “easy” for you. But in the end, you don’t want the easy path. When you work for something, you appreciate it more. The journey, the trials and tribulations made it worth it. Our plan is include some simple back-to-basics training in five easy steps.

  • A Basic Rise-and-Shine Plan. Everyday upon waking up, you’re going to give me at least one set of “50/50’s”. What are “50/50’s”? I suppose they are a vestige of the past, because one of things athletes used to do the second they rolled out of bed was a set of fifty pushups followed by a set of fifty sit-ups. In fact, this would usually end up being two to three sets. Naturally if you are unable to complete this number bring it back to an amount that you can do but with a slight challenge. Then make it a daily ritual and never look back.
  • Rope Skip. Skipping rope is fun, effective, safe, transportable and affordable. Ten to fifteen minutes a day provides a tremendous boost to fitness levels and should be a mainstay of your day. I prefer using three to four three-minute “rounds” with one minute rest but this is something you can easily build up to. Start with one-minute “rounds”, stretch your calves out between sets and gradually build up. Once you acclimate, increase the work-rate by adding “50/50’s” in-between the sets.
  • General Physical Preparation (GPP). Basic body-weight calisthenics are some of the best exercises you can do. A simple grouping of basic jumping jacks, shuffle splits, burpees and mountain climbers can have a unbelievable impact upon general conditioning, fat loss and muscular development. Utilize those four movements, in the order prescribed for sets of thirty seconds each in a giant circuit fashion, whereby each set is two minutes in duration. Combine two to four sets each morning of four to eight minutes of tough-as-nails training that gets real results.
  • Core postural holds. Taking a step above our “50/50’s,” I recognize that sit-ups are an inferior exercise to the postural holds in this section. However it is critical that we establish the firm precedent of “hard work”. With this in mind each morning we’re going to add the “Core Postural Hold Series” noted below. This is a daily regime with two to three continuous circuits of holds in the fifteen to thirty second range.
  • Squat. Simply put, Squat. The more I am in this industry and the more I visit fitness facilities across the globe, the more I see how people have lost the ability to squat. The ability to maintain a stance is at the foundation of exercise dating back thousands of years but somehow modern society is forgetting this. Learning to squat properly, with an appropriate weight, will have an dramatic impact upon total body development. To learn how to perform the classic back Squat and appropriate training protocols please read through my entire six-part “Squat – Power” series at Prosource.

Tomorrow is day one for you and a new chance at making your dreams a reality. Remember the past so that you can forge a bright new future. Be focused and commit to your dreams.

J. Davies

Core Postural hold series

article 2008 cold facts about burning fat loss 1 The Hard, Cold Facts About Fat Burning and Fat LossPlank
The basic Plank is a “simple” exercise that can have a profound, extraordinary impact. With toes and forearms on the ground, keep back flat and bring navel in. Hold stance for designated length of time.
article 2008 cold facts about burning fat loss 2 The Hard, Cold Facts About Fat Burning and Fat LossSide Plank
The side plank is an excellent, if not the best static exercise for strengthening and stabilizing the trunk. With hand against the ground, pointed away and top leg stacked atop the lower one with the navel drawn in; hold position with a totally balanced and straight line for designated length of time.
article 2008 cold facts about burning fat loss 3 The Hard, Cold Facts About Fat Burning and Fat Loss Horse Pose
From the all four’s position, raise leg up and opposite arm up, maintaining a parallel position for approximately 30 seconds. Thumb should be pointed up and navel drawn in again. This seemingly simple static exercise will create havoc on the entire posterior chain from the hamstrings to the upper shoulders and build a solid trunk.
article 2008 cold facts about burning fat loss 4 The Hard, Cold Facts About Fat Burning and Fat Loss The Superman
The Superman hits the posterior chain incredibly hard and will challenge anyone. Laying on your stomach, raise both hands / legs off the ground as high as possible. Maint

The Hard, Cold Facts About Nutrition and Proper Supplementation

Second in a Series

article 2008 cold facts about nutrition proper supplementation The Hard, Cold Facts About Nutrition and Proper SupplementationThis is likely a story that you might be reluctant to read. However the bedside delivery must be straight to the point, factual and without sugar-coating.

Our notions of “diet” tend to be peculiar. We can sit and answer questions honestly and yet we look into the market place and we see some of the most ridiculous ideas getting the headlines. Unfortunately, telling people to eat, healthy, natural foods isn’t quite as “sexy” as introducing a diet with a clever title and a peculiar “hook” based upon binging or deprivation. However, a radical shift is occuring, a shift far beyond the normal scope of the fitness-diet reader and one that will have an unmistakable impact.

Confined to the news reports or financial markets, commodity prices are creating a shift in the world’s economy. The cost of fuel is changing every consideration involved in the processing of food and bringing it to market. At the same time, many agricultural basins have disappeared with industry appearing in their place. Recently, in a special summit on the global food prices, UN chief Ban Ki-Moon called for a 50 per cent rise in world food production by 2030. Combined with the ongoing lack of proper crop rotation, soil contamination, nutrient erosion, questionable industrial farm practices, and genetically altered seeds, a food crisis is clearly on the horizon. The conscientious fitness diet-minded individual is headed for some very challenging times.

I look at “diet” as purely a manifestation of the style of life you live, so much that I have even used “A Style of Life” as the title of a book on diet that I will release later this year. My notions of diet are extremely simple and are in many ways a step back in time, when choices were fewer but consistently built upon wholesome and natural food choices. The problem of course is that, in lieu of food production facts, attaining a “simple” wholesome and nutritious diet is becoming nearly impossible.

Many healthy-minded individuals have realized that proper supplementation nurtures the body in ways that the dwindling quality of food no longer does. In fact, proper supplementation is such an impactful component of pro-active health care that many nations are considering revising regulations to ensure only the highest quality supplements are available in the market-place. Meanwhile, tax codes are being re-written to make certain types of supplements a deductible expense for end-users. In what is a highly unique turn of events, the obesity epidemic has jumped to uncontrolled proportions and governments have begun to put steps in place to curb its growth. (Witness the City of Los Angeles’ recent move to restrict the development of fast-food outlets.) The evolution of the supplementation as one of the best forms of pro-active health care is in the near horizon.

Now we must consider what supplements to take, while accounting for advertising claims that may seem confusing at times. Once again in an odd twist of fate, many of the most important supplements are not very high on the marketing list yet they should be within every individual’s budget like any other necessity. As I noted in my recent book on middle-aged fitness, “With Grace”, I personally have little, if any experience with the notion of “middle-age” and owe this to my take on exercise, diet and supplementation. I am a competitive athlete, facing competition that is often thirty years younger and find it nauseating to hear marketing ideas of “you’re as young as you feel” or the ever-present advertisements for ED (erectile dysfunction) medications. I actually feel damned great in every facet of my life and if I feel “poorly” about anything, it’s for the competition that finishes second to me. Age isn’t a liability, it’s an asset and I only wish that message would get told more often. Providing you take care of your body and mind with appropriate diet, supplementation and exercise, every facet of your life will improve. And if that wasn’t clear enough for those stricken with ED, much of the answer lays within those areas I just mentioned. I also wish to point out that these top five supplements are the most important within the “regeneration” world of anti-aging supplementation, so if that is your interest please take heed. With that said, I would strongly urge every individual to use the following supplements, not simply for the tremendous benefits of strength and esthetics but as a health maintenance plan.

  • Phosphatidylserine: PS is one of the most important supplements you can find and should be within every individual’s program. It will enhance mood, learning capabilities, sharpen memory, suppress cortisol production and improve muscular recovery.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine: ALC improves fat metabolism as well as showing highly positive benefits in the treatment with Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: ALA is an omni-powerful antioxidant that improves skin tone, complexion, decreases the storage of fat and accelerates muscular recovery.
  • Omega-1250: Essential for the metabolism of fat, muscular recovery and immunity building qualities, Omega oil is an absolute must within supplementation. Unfortunately due to the poor grade availability of natural resources, farmed fish offers insufficient levels of Omega oil. Supplementation is becoming the best option.
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids: The powerhouse of protein building blocks is an absolute must for muscular recovery and growth. Best used in the powder form or capsule form. While many will suggest smaller dosages, I prefer using 2.5 grams, 3-4 times per day.

sm bqt002 The Hard, Cold Facts About Nutrition and Proper Supplementation I would further like to add BioQuest Oxygaine™ for men over the age of thirty-five as it contains a superb proprietary blend of Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed, Ginkgo leaf, Vitamin E and Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate. Straight and to the point. A proper supplement program that will not simply supplement your diet but make up for weaknesses and help you live a healthier, better life.

Are You Getting the Most from Your Cycle?

11 OXO

By Patrick Arnold

If you’re currently taking, or plan to take, steroids or prohormones then I have some important news for you. If I told you that you may be able to get more quality lasting gains than you ever thought possible by incorporating an amazing new product into your cycle, would you be intrigued? If so, you might want to read on.

sm 6oxo 180caps Are You Getting the Most from Your Cycle? I trust that you already understand the basic structure of a cycle. You are aware that after taking your hormone product(s) you should always follow up with post cycle therapy (PCT), which usually consists of testosterone boosting anti-estrogens such as the prescription clomiphene or the over the counter 6-OXO. This is the way it is traditionally done, and the logic behind it is sound. But are we missing something? Or more specifically, can we improve on this?

Let me explain something. There are three demons you have to watch out for when coming off hormone products. The first two are diminished testosterone production and heightened estrogen activity. These are taken care of with your post cycle therapy. The third demon that you must watch out for is a bit trickier, and you have to catch it early on and with the right weapon.

I am talking about cortisol activity. Cortisol is the catabolic hormone that in excess will shrink your muscles and make you put on fat. You see, while you are on cycle it’s great because cortisol receptor transcriptional activation is suppressed anywhere that there are also androgen receptors present. That means in the muscle you suppress cortisol mediated catabolism, in the liver you suppress cortisol mediated lipogenesis, and in adipose tissue you suppress cortisol mediated fat deposition.

However as soon as you come off cycle, your androgen levels drop below normal. Immediately cortisol activity increases to levels higher than normal as androgen receptor mediated suppression of transcriptional activation is stripped away. This is a crucial time – it is this time that can determine how much of your gains you keep.

So you may be asking yourself, won’t my PCT raise testosterone enough to avoid this cortisol sensitivity rebound? Yes, but PCT takes a while to work and while you’re waiting you are stuck in a very dangerous state. What do you do? That is where my solution comes into play.

sm Ergo11OXO 60cap Are You Getting the Most from Your Cycle? It’s called the 11 OXO bridge, and this is how it works. It consists of a totally unique mild androgenic prohormone that has the ability to control cortisol’s access to vital target tissues This “bridge” is simply a 2-4 week period between your on cycle and PCT where you take only this prohormone. This bridge enables partial HPTA recovery from the stronger on-cycle hormones while at the same time controlling the cortisol cascade from wreaking havoc. It also possesses enough anti-estrogen activity to keep you safe from any of those issues. It is the perfect safe glide into your PCT.

Let me give you some examples of an 11-OXO bridge

Week 1 – 6: Steroids (or prohormones) of choice
Week 7 –9: 6 capsules 11OXO daily (3 capsules twice a day with meals)
Week 10 -13: Post Cycle Therapy of choice

Week 1 – 6: Steroids (or prohormones) of choice
Week 7 –8: 9 capsules 11 OXO daily (3 capsules three times daily with meals)
Week 9 – 13: Post Cycle Therapy of choice

Week 1 – 6: Steroids (or prohormones) of choice
Week 7 –8: 6 capsules 11 OXO daily (3 capsules twice a day with meals)
Week 9 – 10: 3 capsules 11 OXO daily (1 capsule three times a day with meals)
Week 11- 14: Post Cycle Therapy of choice

The steroid and PCT parts can consist of products of your personal preference and their durations are flexible. Each bridge type (Standard, Blitz, and Tapered) requires two bottles of 11 OXO.

Does the 11 OXO bridge work? I will be honest with you, until recently this was just a theory but after putting it into real world practice a few months ago the results I have witnessed are way more impressive then I could have imagined! Not only are people keeping their gains but they often increase them during the bridge. Bloat just strips away, leaving hard dense muscle.

So please, for your next cycle give this a shot. You have my word that you will not be disappointed.

Searching For The Perfect Supplement In An Ocean Of Glitter

by Jeff Orr

article 2008 perfect supplement Searching For The Perfect Supplement In An Ocean Of GlitterIn an ever-expanding sea of choices, what are the best products out there?

Thumbing through ads in bodybuilding magazines, it’s hard not to notice that so many products have one thing in common — they’re all The Best — which makes it virtually impossible to choose. The ads have certainly become entertaining though, comparing users of their product to wild animals or ancient warriors who always get the girl. But if you give in to the gloss, there’s no doubt when you hand over your hard-earned cash for these proclaimed miracles you’ll be paying a considerable amount for the glitter. And the results you get may be fair at best because, unfortunately, the recent trend for many supplement companies is to trade off real science and superior quality standards for these expensive multi-page ads in an attempt to get attention and bolster profit margins.

So, if the ads can’t help you decide, what then is the best way to choose a product? Actually, choosing a company instead makes things simpler and more sensible too because the products you choose are only as good as the raw materials used, research methods involved, quality controls established and how well they’re formulated. With these four criteria established, choosing a product by selection of a manufacturer can be considerably less frustrating.

The Four Qualities of A Superior Supplement Manufacturer

To put it in perspective, the basic industry standards to look for when deciding on a quality supplement manufacturer and product are:

  • Purity and Potency of Ingredients
  • Research and Development
  • Formula Innovation
  • Quality Control

Purity and Potency of Ingredients

The key to any supplement’s efficacy can be found, first of all, in the purity and potency of its ingredients. A lower grade supplement will not only provide fewer results but will not be cost effective either. And the ill-advised habit of taking more of a product to make up for its lower quality may very well have an effect on your health. Certain residual by-products left over from the extraction of herbs and the production of amino acids, although not dangerous if taking recommended dosages of a product, may build up over time if you take too much. It becomes apparent then that it’s crucial to find the highest-grade supplements possible for any workout program you undertake if you intend to make any real progress.

Creatine Monohydrate ProSource was founded on this basic principle of product purity and potency and has established a reputation industry-wide of offering only top-of-the-line compounds with validated purities. Years ago, ProSource introduced pure ultra-filtered whey protein isolate to the industry, which has now become the gold standard protein for any serious bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast. Since its inception, the NytroWhey protein line has been recognized as the highest-grade, most potent and amino rich whey isolate available worldwide. In fact, there is no other protein out there that remotely compares to the superior whey isolate found in NytroWhey protein products. And this is why many top pro bodybuilders, even those under contract with other companies, rely on NytroWhey. But ProSource didn’t stop with proteins, they recognized a dire need for a higher level of purity in every aspect of sports supplementation and set out determined to address this problem. An example of this commitment can be found in the 100% pure AlzChem Creapure® German creatine monohydrate used in ProSource’s Creatine. Unfortunately, the quality of creatine varies widely from brand to brand, so ProSource simplified your choice by offering the highest purity form, the only one shown to deliver the phenomenal increases in size, strength and power that this super-supplement has become famous for. Many other ProSource supplements get their start from the highest quality sources from around the world, like Italy for Ultra Glutamine or Japan for green tea, among many others. Word of the superior quality of ProSource products has continued to grow over the years, making a phenomenal difference in the lives of countless bodybuilders and athletes. Tremendous customer feedback touting a huge range of gain increases and success stories from use of ProSource products has confirmed that validated product purity and potency is essential to make any substantial progress from your workouts.

Research and Development

Producing products with clinically validated purity levels is one of the primary jobs of the research and development and therefore the level of purity and potency in compounds being offered becomes an indicator of how much intensive research is being done there. This quest for higher-grade compounds was a critical issue in the recent emergence of new natural T-boosting formulas, where a high level of pure and potent extracts became crucial. Several years ago, it became clear among researchers that a much higher-grade extract was needed for any serious testosterone-enhancing efficacy.

t-booster ProSource AndroTest Seeing this need, the ProSource R&D department took the problem to task, invested the enormous time and money that other manufacturers refused to do, and developed an extract of Tribulus terrestris with a purity and potency well beyond anything being offered at the time. The result was the revolutionary testosterone booster AndroTest. This scientific wonder became the greatest advancement in natural testosterone enhancement the supplement industry had ever seen, boasting an unprecedented 40% protodioscin level (the most active T-boosting component of the herb). ProSource’s elite R&D team managed this phenomenal feat by developing an intensive extraction process of high-grade Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris involving up to 20 separate extractions — far more than any competing product. Added to this was a powerful extract of the only Tongkat ali (Longjack) standardized for active constituents — LJ-100™, which studies show can increase testosterone levels by 50% and DHEA levels by 47% after just one months usage. The crowning achievement for AndroTest though was its product-specific landmark hospital study. In a randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind clinical study involving 31 healthy males between the ages of 35 and 55, subjects taking AndroTest experienced up to a 275% increase in total testosterone compared to a control group. This verification established AndroTest as the only scientifically and independently validated natural testosterone booster on the market. This was very good news for bodybuilders and athletes, but bad news for all the other supplement companies that have not yet, years later, even come close to a formula to match it.

testosterone booster AndroTest Extreme The PhD’s and others on the R&D team at ProSource were so pleased with there success that they decided to see just how far they could push the T-boosting envelope by taking the existing, super potent AndroTest formula and ramping up its test boosting power even more with AndroTest Extreme. This exceedingly potent androgenic formula uses a specialized fenugreek extract standardized for 50% fenusides trade named Testofen™. Remarkably, this precursor compound has been shown in a human clinical study to increase free testosterone levels by 98.81%, adding even more substantial test boosting to the heretofore-highest potency formula. The AndroTest franchise is now complete with the premier powerhouse formula AndroTest and a professional-grade T-booster, AndroTest Extreme. These scientifically proven testosterone giants are proof that top-notch research and development can make a world of difference.

Formula Innovation

To bridge purity of ingredients with research and development in pursuit of the perfect formula requires unique and creative formula innovation. This aspect of product development is what separates the good from the best and should be kept well in mind when searching for products. There may be no better example of this much-sought-after quality than the innovative development of the SynthaTrex products from ProSource.

creatine Synthatrex Xtreme The original SynthaTrex gave a whole new meaning to the phrase creatine transport with its highly effective vasodilation and creatine utilization compounds that helped launch a new market of zero-sugar creatine formulas. Before SynthaTrex, most creatine formulas were comprised of massive loads of simple sugar, creatine, flavoring and not much else. SynthaTrex changed the way the industry approached these formulas with a comprehensive, ultra-potent transport matrix to effectively shuttle creatine and support-nutrients quickly into muscle tissue to deliver unheard of anabolic results. But that earth shattering innovation was not enough. The formulators at ProSource upgraded SynthaTrex to SynthaTrex Xtreme, which took creatine transport to an entirely new level with the most highly validated mechanism for packing creatine into muscle tissue — the creatine monohydrate plus high glycemic carbs model. To further add to its insulinogenic response, it was fortified with 4-hydroxyisoleucine and taurine along with potent levels of beta alanine to support increased carnosine production for enhanced muscle endurance. The SynthaTrex duo has clearly set the model for others to emulate.

This standard of progressive innovation is also evident in the ProSource protein line as well. The introduction of cross flow micro-filtered whey isolate in the original NytroWhey was an industry wake up call years ago, setting a standard for protein quality that most companies have not yet come up to. The next advancement in the line, NytroWhey Extreme, pushed that standard a bit higher with an arginine AKG infusion to dramatically increase the uptake of the amino acid-rich CFM whey isolate for incredible anabolic effect. The most recent innovation, NytroWhey Ultra, has surprisingly surpassed both its formers in customer response offering a highly advanced, state-of-the-art rapid-action hydrolyzed whey isolate — the new elite formula in the industry’s most celebrated protein line. These are the types of premier formula innovations that ProSource has become known for and which has helped establish the company as a true industry leader.

Quality Control

The above three qualities would be useless without a high level of quality control in place. The foundation corner stone for any formula, which assures its efficacy, is the legitimate and validated bioactivity of the highest-grade compounds available via strict quality control standards. The bottom line is that a high level of purity must be substantiated through lab-testing to deliver any meaningful results.

This is why ProSource has the most demanding quality control standards in the industry. In fact, every product in the ProSource line is designed in strict accordance with a quality control mandate that is in some ways even more comprehensive than what is seen in the premium industry. From the initial exhaustive, worldwide search for the highest-grade compounds to creative and cutting edge formulation of the best products available, ProSource never loses site of this immovable quality control standard.

So, to get back to that burning question — what are the best products out there? Easy answer: the ultra-premium lab-tested products in the ProSource line. As a supplement industry leader since 1996, ProSource has recognized the basic industry tenants listed above and kept them at the same superior level despite rising raw materials prices while many manufacturers have loosened their standards to cut production costs and spend the savings on flashy ads. Steadfast adherence to the four standards has established ProSource as one of the most trusted brands available, helping customers take the guesswork out of purchasing supplements in full confidence — with no phony ads and no compromises.

“But why don’t you guys have expensive 10 page glossy ads with incredible story lines and beautiful babes?” Sorry guys, we opted to take that money and pass the savings on to you, which is one compromise we don’t mind giving in to.


Get a Jump On Your Best Body Ever with These 8 Quick Fat-Loss Tips You Can Use Today

article 2008 enter burn zone ENTER THE BURN ZONEWe would love to tell you that shedding unwanted pounds is easier than scoring touchdowns in the Arena Football League. However, if you’ve been studiously and furiously doing your cardio, lifting weights, and eating clean, and not seeing the physical changes you’re hoping for, you already know better.

Well, consider this story your TD — and two-point conversion — in the battle against fat. Here, you’ll find eight simple-to-implement tips and strategies to help you improve your get-lean game plan. It won’t be as easy as playing football in a 50-yard roller rink, sure, but your results may just prompt you to break into an impromptu end-zone celebration anyway.


Steady-state aerobic sessions — those where you maintain a constant pace throughout your workout — do not burn as much body fat as interval training, in which you fluctuate your pace between slower and near-max efforts. This can be as simple as doing a 15-second all-out sprint every minute during a jog, or can be slightly more complicated, such as the interval programs built into most treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes at your health club.


Some cardio options are better than others — at least when it comes to the calorie burn they promote after the workout is over. Yes, you read that correctly: certain forms of aerobic training elevate your metabolism higher and for a extended period of time long after you’ve stopped exercising. Methods to increase your EPOC (i.e. your excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) include doing cardio activities of 60 minutes in duration (versus 40 or less), weight training after your cardio, and using the interval-type training outlined in tip #1.


You may be doing cardio, sure … but if you’re not burning appreciable amounts of fat and your diet isn’t the likely culprit, you have to ask the question, Are you exercising hard enough? It seems so clear-cut, but take a look around the cardio room at your local gym and you’ll see plenty of people plodding along, not breathing all that hard and in no need of a towel. The truth is, burning fat and transforming your physique is hard, hard work. Sweat equity is the only viable road to a lean body, so put in the effort and push yourself as hard as you can.


The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories your body burns, even at rest. So an effective weight-training program is key. And by “effective,” we mean this: Don’t follow misguided advice to up your repetitions to 15-20 or more per set in some convoluted effort to turn your lifting sessions into wildly inefficient cardio workouts. Instead, stick with the heavier-weight, 6-12 rep sets that are best for prompting muscular growth.


How many meals are you eating per day? If it’s four or less, try this: Take the same amount of food and divide it over 6-8 meals, spaced two-and-a-half to three hours apart. (Make sure you include 20-30 grams of protein minimum with each meal.) This helps keep you fueled while lessening the chances that excess calories taken in will be stored as body fat.


article 2008 enter burn zone 02 ENTER THE BURN ZONE A recent study out of University College London found that Peptide YY, a hormone that travels to the brain from the gastrointestinal system to indicate satiety, increased in those who ate a high protein meal (65% protein), versus high-carb and high-fat meals. In basic terms, the high-protein meals led to a significant decrease in hunger pangs — and obviously, the less hungry you are, the less excess food you’ll eat. Not only does protein keep you feeling fuller longer than carbohydrates or fat, as the study suggests, it takes more overall energy for your body to digest, meaning it prompts calorie burning. Perhaps most notably, protein is the critical nutrient in ensuring you can successfully build muscle, which is important, as you learned in Tip #4.


On their own, none of the following will make a monumental difference, but if you want to leave no detail to chance, try cold water (one study found that drinking two cups between meals raised resting metabolic rate by around 30% for over 60 minutes), add chili peppers to spice up meals (the capsaicin in chilis has fat-burning properties), and drink plenty of sugar-free green tea throughout the day (as green tea contains EGCG, which has been shown to have thermogenic effects).


When trying to shed pounds and get ripped, a host of powerful supps can help. The fundamentals include a caffeine/green tea formula, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), citrulline malate, konjac glucomannan, 7-keto DHEA, pure South African Hoodia gordonii, yohimbine, glutamine, and protein powders and bars to augment a clean diet.