Searching For The Perfect Supplement In An Ocean Of Glitter


by Jeff Orr

article 2008 perfect supplement Searching For The Perfect Supplement In An Ocean Of GlitterIn an ever-expanding sea of choices, what are the best products out there?

Thumbing through ads in bodybuilding magazines, it’s hard not to notice that so many products have one thing in common — they’re all The Best — which makes it virtually impossible to choose. The ads have certainly become entertaining though, comparing users of their product to wild animals or ancient warriors who always get the girl. But if you give in to the gloss, there’s no doubt when you hand over your hard-earned cash for these proclaimed miracles you’ll be paying a considerable amount for the glitter. And the results you get may be fair at best because, unfortunately, the recent trend for many supplement companies is to trade off real science and superior quality standards for these expensive multi-page ads in an attempt to get attention and bolster profit margins.

So, if the ads can’t help you decide, what then is the best way to choose a product? Actually, choosing a company instead makes things simpler and more sensible too because the products you choose are only as good as the raw materials used, research methods involved, quality controls established and how well they’re formulated. With these four criteria established, choosing a product by selection of a manufacturer can be considerably less frustrating.

The Four Qualities of A Superior Supplement Manufacturer

To put it in perspective, the basic industry standards to look for when deciding on a quality supplement manufacturer and product are:

  • Purity and Potency of Ingredients
  • Research and Development
  • Formula Innovation
  • Quality Control

Purity and Potency of Ingredients

The key to any supplement’s efficacy can be found, first of all, in the purity and potency of its ingredients. A lower grade supplement will not only provide fewer results but will not be cost effective either. And the ill-advised habit of taking more of a product to make up for its lower quality may very well have an effect on your health. Certain residual by-products left over from the extraction of herbs and the production of amino acids, although not dangerous if taking recommended dosages of a product, may build up over time if you take too much. It becomes apparent then that it’s crucial to find the highest-grade supplements possible for any workout program you undertake if you intend to make any real progress.

Creatine Monohydrate ProSource was founded on this basic principle of product purity and potency and has established a reputation industry-wide of offering only top-of-the-line compounds with validated purities. Years ago, ProSource introduced pure ultra-filtered whey protein isolate to the industry, which has now become the gold standard protein for any serious bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast. Since its inception, the NytroWhey protein line has been recognized as the highest-grade, most potent and amino rich whey isolate available worldwide. In fact, there is no other protein out there that remotely compares to the superior whey isolate found in NytroWhey protein products. And this is why many top pro bodybuilders, even those under contract with other companies, rely on NytroWhey. But ProSource didn’t stop with proteins, they recognized a dire need for a higher level of purity in every aspect of sports supplementation and set out determined to address this problem. An example of this commitment can be found in the 100% pure AlzChem Creapure® German creatine monohydrate used in ProSource’s Creatine. Unfortunately, the quality of creatine varies widely from brand to brand, so ProSource simplified your choice by offering the highest purity form, the only one shown to deliver the phenomenal increases in size, strength and power that this super-supplement has become famous for. Many other ProSource supplements get their start from the highest quality sources from around the world, like Italy for Ultra Glutamine or Japan for green tea, among many others. Word of the superior quality of ProSource products has continued to grow over the years, making a phenomenal difference in the lives of countless bodybuilders and athletes. Tremendous customer feedback touting a huge range of gain increases and success stories from use of ProSource products has confirmed that validated product purity and potency is essential to make any substantial progress from your workouts.

Research and Development

Producing products with clinically validated purity levels is one of the primary jobs of the research and development and therefore the level of purity and potency in compounds being offered becomes an indicator of how much intensive research is being done there. This quest for higher-grade compounds was a critical issue in the recent emergence of new natural T-boosting formulas, where a high level of pure and potent extracts became crucial. Several years ago, it became clear among researchers that a much higher-grade extract was needed for any serious testosterone-enhancing efficacy.

t-booster ProSource AndroTest Seeing this need, the ProSource R&D department took the problem to task, invested the enormous time and money that other manufacturers refused to do, and developed an extract of Tribulus terrestris with a purity and potency well beyond anything being offered at the time. The result was the revolutionary testosterone booster AndroTest. This scientific wonder became the greatest advancement in natural testosterone enhancement the supplement industry had ever seen, boasting an unprecedented 40% protodioscin level (the most active T-boosting component of the herb). ProSource’s elite R&D team managed this phenomenal feat by developing an intensive extraction process of high-grade Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris involving up to 20 separate extractions — far more than any competing product. Added to this was a powerful extract of the only Tongkat ali (Longjack) standardized for active constituents — LJ-100™, which studies show can increase testosterone levels by 50% and DHEA levels by 47% after just one months usage. The crowning achievement for AndroTest though was its product-specific landmark hospital study. In a randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind clinical study involving 31 healthy males between the ages of 35 and 55, subjects taking AndroTest experienced up to a 275% increase in total testosterone compared to a control group. This verification established AndroTest as the only scientifically and independently validated natural testosterone booster on the market. This was very good news for bodybuilders and athletes, but bad news for all the other supplement companies that have not yet, years later, even come close to a formula to match it.

testosterone booster AndroTest Extreme The PhD’s and others on the R&D team at ProSource were so pleased with there success that they decided to see just how far they could push the T-boosting envelope by taking the existing, super potent AndroTest formula and ramping up its test boosting power even more with AndroTest Extreme. This exceedingly potent androgenic formula uses a specialized fenugreek extract standardized for 50% fenusides trade named Testofen™. Remarkably, this precursor compound has been shown in a human clinical study to increase free testosterone levels by 98.81%, adding even more substantial test boosting to the heretofore-highest potency formula. The AndroTest franchise is now complete with the premier powerhouse formula AndroTest and a professional-grade T-booster, AndroTest Extreme. These scientifically proven testosterone giants are proof that top-notch research and development can make a world of difference.

Formula Innovation

To bridge purity of ingredients with research and development in pursuit of the perfect formula requires unique and creative formula innovation. This aspect of product development is what separates the good from the best and should be kept well in mind when searching for products. There may be no better example of this much-sought-after quality than the innovative development of the SynthaTrex products from ProSource.

creatine Synthatrex Xtreme The original SynthaTrex gave a whole new meaning to the phrase creatine transport with its highly effective vasodilation and creatine utilization compounds that helped launch a new market of zero-sugar creatine formulas. Before SynthaTrex, most creatine formulas were comprised of massive loads of simple sugar, creatine, flavoring and not much else. SynthaTrex changed the way the industry approached these formulas with a comprehensive, ultra-potent transport matrix to effectively shuttle creatine and support-nutrients quickly into muscle tissue to deliver unheard of anabolic results. But that earth shattering innovation was not enough. The formulators at ProSource upgraded SynthaTrex to SynthaTrex Xtreme, which took creatine transport to an entirely new level with the most highly validated mechanism for packing creatine into muscle tissue — the creatine monohydrate plus high glycemic carbs model. To further add to its insulinogenic response, it was fortified with 4-hydroxyisoleucine and taurine along with potent levels of beta alanine to support increased carnosine production for enhanced muscle endurance. The SynthaTrex duo has clearly set the model for others to emulate.

This standard of progressive innovation is also evident in the ProSource protein line as well. The introduction of cross flow micro-filtered whey isolate in the original NytroWhey was an industry wake up call years ago, setting a standard for protein quality that most companies have not yet come up to. The next advancement in the line, NytroWhey Extreme, pushed that standard a bit higher with an arginine AKG infusion to dramatically increase the uptake of the amino acid-rich CFM whey isolate for incredible anabolic effect. The most recent innovation, NytroWhey Ultra, has surprisingly surpassed both its formers in customer response offering a highly advanced, state-of-the-art rapid-action hydrolyzed whey isolate — the new elite formula in the industry’s most celebrated protein line. These are the types of premier formula innovations that ProSource has become known for and which has helped establish the company as a true industry leader.

Quality Control

The above three qualities would be useless without a high level of quality control in place. The foundation corner stone for any formula, which assures its efficacy, is the legitimate and validated bioactivity of the highest-grade compounds available via strict quality control standards. The bottom line is that a high level of purity must be substantiated through lab-testing to deliver any meaningful results.

This is why ProSource has the most demanding quality control standards in the industry. In fact, every product in the ProSource line is designed in strict accordance with a quality control mandate that is in some ways even more comprehensive than what is seen in the premium industry. From the initial exhaustive, worldwide search for the highest-grade compounds to creative and cutting edge formulation of the best products available, ProSource never loses site of this immovable quality control standard.

So, to get back to that burning question — what are the best products out there? Easy answer: the ultra-premium lab-tested products in the ProSource line. As a supplement industry leader since 1996, ProSource has recognized the basic industry tenants listed above and kept them at the same superior level despite rising raw materials prices while many manufacturers have loosened their standards to cut production costs and spend the savings on flashy ads. Steadfast adherence to the four standards has established ProSource as one of the most trusted brands available, helping customers take the guesswork out of purchasing supplements in full confidence — with no phony ads and no compromises.

“But why don’t you guys have expensive 10 page glossy ads with incredible story lines and beautiful babes?” Sorry guys, we opted to take that money and pass the savings on to you, which is one compromise we don’t mind giving in to.

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