Are You Getting the Most from Your Cycle?


11 OXO

By Patrick Arnold

If you’re currently taking, or plan to take, steroids or prohormones then I have some important news for you. If I told you that you may be able to get more quality lasting gains than you ever thought possible by incorporating an amazing new product into your cycle, would you be intrigued? If so, you might want to read on.

sm 6oxo 180caps Are You Getting the Most from Your Cycle? I trust that you already understand the basic structure of a cycle. You are aware that after taking your hormone product(s) you should always follow up with post cycle therapy (PCT), which usually consists of testosterone boosting anti-estrogens such as the prescription clomiphene or the over the counter 6-OXO. This is the way it is traditionally done, and the logic behind it is sound. But are we missing something? Or more specifically, can we improve on this?

Let me explain something. There are three demons you have to watch out for when coming off hormone products. The first two are diminished testosterone production and heightened estrogen activity. These are taken care of with your post cycle therapy. The third demon that you must watch out for is a bit trickier, and you have to catch it early on and with the right weapon.

I am talking about cortisol activity. Cortisol is the catabolic hormone that in excess will shrink your muscles and make you put on fat. You see, while you are on cycle it’s great because cortisol receptor transcriptional activation is suppressed anywhere that there are also androgen receptors present. That means in the muscle you suppress cortisol mediated catabolism, in the liver you suppress cortisol mediated lipogenesis, and in adipose tissue you suppress cortisol mediated fat deposition.

However as soon as you come off cycle, your androgen levels drop below normal. Immediately cortisol activity increases to levels higher than normal as androgen receptor mediated suppression of transcriptional activation is stripped away. This is a crucial time – it is this time that can determine how much of your gains you keep.

So you may be asking yourself, won’t my PCT raise testosterone enough to avoid this cortisol sensitivity rebound? Yes, but PCT takes a while to work and while you’re waiting you are stuck in a very dangerous state. What do you do? That is where my solution comes into play.

sm Ergo11OXO 60cap Are You Getting the Most from Your Cycle? It’s called the 11 OXO bridge, and this is how it works. It consists of a totally unique mild androgenic prohormone that has the ability to control cortisol’s access to vital target tissues This “bridge” is simply a 2-4 week period between your on cycle and PCT where you take only this prohormone. This bridge enables partial HPTA recovery from the stronger on-cycle hormones while at the same time controlling the cortisol cascade from wreaking havoc. It also possesses enough anti-estrogen activity to keep you safe from any of those issues. It is the perfect safe glide into your PCT.

Let me give you some examples of an 11-OXO bridge

Week 1 – 6: Steroids (or prohormones) of choice
Week 7 –9: 6 capsules 11OXO daily (3 capsules twice a day with meals)
Week 10 -13: Post Cycle Therapy of choice

Week 1 – 6: Steroids (or prohormones) of choice
Week 7 –8: 9 capsules 11 OXO daily (3 capsules three times daily with meals)
Week 9 – 13: Post Cycle Therapy of choice

Week 1 – 6: Steroids (or prohormones) of choice
Week 7 –8: 6 capsules 11 OXO daily (3 capsules twice a day with meals)
Week 9 – 10: 3 capsules 11 OXO daily (1 capsule three times a day with meals)
Week 11- 14: Post Cycle Therapy of choice

The steroid and PCT parts can consist of products of your personal preference and their durations are flexible. Each bridge type (Standard, Blitz, and Tapered) requires two bottles of 11 OXO.

Does the 11 OXO bridge work? I will be honest with you, until recently this was just a theory but after putting it into real world practice a few months ago the results I have witnessed are way more impressive then I could have imagined! Not only are people keeping their gains but they often increase them during the bridge. Bloat just strips away, leaving hard dense muscle.

So please, for your next cycle give this a shot. You have my word that you will not be disappointed.

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