The Hard, Cold Facts About Nutrition and Proper Supplementation


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article 2008 cold facts about nutrition proper supplementation The Hard, Cold Facts About Nutrition and Proper SupplementationThis is likely a story that you might be reluctant to read. However the bedside delivery must be straight to the point, factual and without sugar-coating.

Our notions of “diet” tend to be peculiar. We can sit and answer questions honestly and yet we look into the market place and we see some of the most ridiculous ideas getting the headlines. Unfortunately, telling people to eat, healthy, natural foods isn’t quite as “sexy” as introducing a diet with a clever title and a peculiar “hook” based upon binging or deprivation. However, a radical shift is occuring, a shift far beyond the normal scope of the fitness-diet reader and one that will have an unmistakable impact.

Confined to the news reports or financial markets, commodity prices are creating a shift in the world’s economy. The cost of fuel is changing every consideration involved in the processing of food and bringing it to market. At the same time, many agricultural basins have disappeared with industry appearing in their place. Recently, in a special summit on the global food prices, UN chief Ban Ki-Moon called for a 50 per cent rise in world food production by 2030. Combined with the ongoing lack of proper crop rotation, soil contamination, nutrient erosion, questionable industrial farm practices, and genetically altered seeds, a food crisis is clearly on the horizon. The conscientious fitness diet-minded individual is headed for some very challenging times.

I look at “diet” as purely a manifestation of the style of life you live, so much that I have even used “A Style of Life” as the title of a book on diet that I will release later this year. My notions of diet are extremely simple and are in many ways a step back in time, when choices were fewer but consistently built upon wholesome and natural food choices. The problem of course is that, in lieu of food production facts, attaining a “simple” wholesome and nutritious diet is becoming nearly impossible.

Many healthy-minded individuals have realized that proper supplementation nurtures the body in ways that the dwindling quality of food no longer does. In fact, proper supplementation is such an impactful component of pro-active health care that many nations are considering revising regulations to ensure only the highest quality supplements are available in the market-place. Meanwhile, tax codes are being re-written to make certain types of supplements a deductible expense for end-users. In what is a highly unique turn of events, the obesity epidemic has jumped to uncontrolled proportions and governments have begun to put steps in place to curb its growth. (Witness the City of Los Angeles’ recent move to restrict the development of fast-food outlets.) The evolution of the supplementation as one of the best forms of pro-active health care is in the near horizon.

Now we must consider what supplements to take, while accounting for advertising claims that may seem confusing at times. Once again in an odd twist of fate, many of the most important supplements are not very high on the marketing list yet they should be within every individual’s budget like any other necessity. As I noted in my recent book on middle-aged fitness, “With Grace”, I personally have little, if any experience with the notion of “middle-age” and owe this to my take on exercise, diet and supplementation. I am a competitive athlete, facing competition that is often thirty years younger and find it nauseating to hear marketing ideas of “you’re as young as you feel” or the ever-present advertisements for ED (erectile dysfunction) medications. I actually feel damned great in every facet of my life and if I feel “poorly” about anything, it’s for the competition that finishes second to me. Age isn’t a liability, it’s an asset and I only wish that message would get told more often. Providing you take care of your body and mind with appropriate diet, supplementation and exercise, every facet of your life will improve. And if that wasn’t clear enough for those stricken with ED, much of the answer lays within those areas I just mentioned. I also wish to point out that these top five supplements are the most important within the “regeneration” world of anti-aging supplementation, so if that is your interest please take heed. With that said, I would strongly urge every individual to use the following supplements, not simply for the tremendous benefits of strength and esthetics but as a health maintenance plan.

  • Phosphatidylserine: PS is one of the most important supplements you can find and should be within every individual’s program. It will enhance mood, learning capabilities, sharpen memory, suppress cortisol production and improve muscular recovery.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine: ALC improves fat metabolism as well as showing highly positive benefits in the treatment with Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: ALA is an omni-powerful antioxidant that improves skin tone, complexion, decreases the storage of fat and accelerates muscular recovery.
  • Omega-1250: Essential for the metabolism of fat, muscular recovery and immunity building qualities, Omega oil is an absolute must within supplementation. Unfortunately due to the poor grade availability of natural resources, farmed fish offers insufficient levels of Omega oil. Supplementation is becoming the best option.
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids: The powerhouse of protein building blocks is an absolute must for muscular recovery and growth. Best used in the powder form or capsule form. While many will suggest smaller dosages, I prefer using 2.5 grams, 3-4 times per day.

sm bqt002 The Hard, Cold Facts About Nutrition and Proper Supplementation I would further like to add BioQuest Oxygaine™ for men over the age of thirty-five as it contains a superb proprietary blend of Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed, Ginkgo leaf, Vitamin E and Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate. Straight and to the point. A proper supplement program that will not simply supplement your diet but make up for weaknesses and help you live a healthier, better life.

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