Get On the Ball

By Michael Berg, NSCA-CPT

These 5 exercise-ball moves are so effective, even a guy would do them

You’ve surely seen them in the gym. Maybe you’ve even given one an irritated kick out of the way as you made your way through the free-weight area. The fact they’re reminiscent of that old childhood toy the hippity hop (sans handle) doesn’t help. Nor does the fact that the way many people use them is a bit suspect. Torso twists? Seated dumbbell curls? Oh, please.

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Upper Deck Power – Renegade Style

By John Davies, Founder Renegade Training

Within the sporting world the notion of sport-specific training or training for sport is packed full of fallacies. Spread over rock-solid facts on how to train properly for sport is a vast array of clichés and slick marketing lines. Possibly the sport most plagued with highly questionable “training advice” is baseball.

Baseball, the grand old game, is a sport that I grew up on. The ball and glove were part of my make-up and rarely out of reach. The days and nights were filled with the game but the game was more than that, it was part of our heritage that connected with the past. I grew up hearing of stories of what it was like to dig into the batters box against a barnstorming tour of future legends pre-WWII. Regardless of how the game changed it, always maintains a brilliance that is challenging to describe.

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ProSource Searches the World for the Highest Grade, Purest Ingredients Available

article 2009 prosource purest ingredients 01 ProSource Searches the World for the Highest Grade, Purest Ingredients AvailableBy Gary Crass

Whether it’s the robust quality of a German beer or the dependability of a Swiss timepiece, finding the best sometimes requires a global perspective; and the same applies to supplements. Unquestionably, effective nutritional supplements need a high level of purity and potency, which requires an exhaustive worldwide search if you want the highest-grade ingredients available. You might be surprised to learn that in a day’s intake of ProSource supplements you’re using tribulus from Bulgaria (AndroTest), creatine from Germany (Synthatrex Extreme), glutamine from Japan, and whey protein from—how ‘bout this—good old USA (NytroWhey protein line). At ProSource, no stone is left unturned in order to find the most advanced and best ingredients for optimum effectiveness and purity.

But how much difference can there be when it comes to creatines, whey proteins or tribulus? Aren’t they all basically the same? You might be tempted to believe this, given some of the ad hype and questionable advice from certain gym rats. But you would be doing yourself a disservice if you gave in for the simple reason that lower grade supplements are just not as effective. This becomes a serious problem when you consider the fact that purity percentage in extracts can vary by as much as 50% or more and some creatines on the market can contain up to 5% impurities. The fact is, lower-grade compounds and extracts are simply not assimilated and utilized as well by the body as higher-grade compounds. If you had to choose only one method for selecting a product, virtually all experts in the field of supplementation would agree that it should be ingredient purity and potency. The bottom line is this: All the research and product development, fancy labeling and high-end marketing mean nothing without high-grade, pure ingredients.

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Inspirational Minister’s Amazing Transformation Stands the Test of Time

article 2009 lee claypoole 01 Inspirational Ministers Amazing Transformation Stands the Test of Time Lee Claypoole Shares the Secrets that Helped Him Shed 100 lbs–And Keep It Off for 3 Years and Counting!

By Daniel Collier

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, many Americans have fallen victim to poor eating habits and overall unhealthy living. In fact, adult obesity rates have doubled since 1980, from 15% to 30%, and two-thirds of U.S. adults are now considered overweight.

Being able to lose weight is one thing, maintaining and keeping it off is totally another. Kentucky native and minister Lee Claypoole has been able to achieve both of these feats and then some. At age 40, Lee dropped over 100 pounds and went from a size 44 waist to a size 30. Featured in a profile for USA Today’s Weight-Loss Challenge in the summer of 2007, Lee was commended for his complete lifestyle change and admired for his newly lean and sculpted body.

Now, almost a year and a half since that original USA Today profile, I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Lee to check his weight loss status and ask him some fitness related questions.

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In Search of Power, Part 6

By John Davies, Founder Renegade Training

Continuing with the “In Search of Power” series part six, we’re about to take a leap forward with the start of a multi-stage transitional program. During this transitional segment we will begin merging some of the various movements from ground-based DMC™ with the upright RED2 system.

It is crucial that those attempting this segment have started with prior stages and I would not recommend trying to simply “jump into” this area given the enormous demands. For many the basic two starting holds will be challenging and further work in improving glute / hamstring strength, hip flexibility and lowering body fat (suggested article) will be needed.

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