The Face of Women’s Fast Pitch Softball: Jennie Finch

The Olympic gold medal winner talks about the sport she loves and shares some of the secrets to her success

By: Daniel Collier

article 2009 jennie finch womens softball The Face of Womens Fast Pitch Softball: Jennie Finch Jennie Finch is perhaps the most well-known and celebrated women’s fast pitch softball player of all time. With her athleticism and competitiveness on the ball field only matched by her grace and beauty off it, Jennie has vastly helped to move women’s softball into the mainstream public eye. At age 28, her list of career accomplishments already reads like the stuff of legend. As a young girl growing up in La Mirada, CA, it was very clear from a young age there was nothing this tall athletic blond couldn’t do on a softball field. Finch displayed excellent hitting and base-running skills and was an absolutely dominant pitcher. After a magnificent high school career in which she went 50-12, with six perfect games, 13 no-hitters, 784 strikeouts, and posted a 0.15 ERA in 445 innings, Jennie moved to Tucson, AZ to play her college ball for the University of Arizona Wildcats. Playing under Team USA head coach Mike Candrea, Finch solidified her status as a young phenom by becoming a three-time All-American and winning the Honda Award as the nation’s top collegiate player her sophomore and junior seasons. She also helped lead the Wildcats to the NCAA championship title as a junior by going 32-0, and setting an NCAA record for consecutive victories, with an astounding 60 wins.

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Better Golf, Renegade Style

By John Davies, Founder Renegade Training

When I wrote my first book on Golf, “R-Factor for Golf“, a number of years ago, much of my typical audience was surprised with my choice of topic. In writing the book, it was my intention to address the needs of the sport as well as dispel the myths associated with an endless array of training gadgets and questionable ideas.

Like many well intended volleys, it came on the heels of the constant barrage of hype that surrounds the game. Even as some in the exercise industry have made a “meal” out of golf preparation by slapping the prefix “golf” onto a myriad of exercise classes and resistance approaches in an effort to dupe the public, the current economic downturn has done an efficient job of weeding many of those snake-oil salesmen out of the exercise game. However, getting factual information out to the golf-playing public is still no easy matter.

The essential peculiarity of golf, or “training for golf,” is that regardless of how you train off the course, if you do not carefully monitor your swing, your efforts will be largely wasted. To suggest to the untrained reader anything to the contrary is to display a practical lack of playing knowledge of the game and of the latest technological advancements. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise. It simply means that you should exercise correctly.

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The Evolution of Golf: with Casey Martin

How Tiger changed golf into a fitness-minded sportBy: Daniel Collier

article 2009 casey martin golf 01 The Evolution of Golf: with Casey MartinMen’s Fitness magazine recently released their 2008 poll of the top 25 fittest men in America. The list consists of all types of men of various backgrounds and from vastly different industries. Several of the athletes gracing the list are not so surprising such as basketball big man Dwight Howard, Philadelphia Phillies agile second baseman Chase Utley, and ripped up Browns quarterback Brady Quinn. Some of the other guys featured may not seem as familiar and quite frankly not as deserving (a.k.a. reality TV chief Curtis Stone…Who?). But perhaps the biggest surprise to some may be the man featured in the #1 spot and selected as the fittest of the fit, Tiger Woods. What, a professional golfer? He doesn’t deserve the honor of the fittest man in America, does he? YES he most certainly does!

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Renegade Rope Skip

article 2009 renegade rope skip Renegade Rope SkipOpening my morning email I received a request from a major fitness group asking my opinion of the business’ “next big thing.” After going through a number of points including the deeply troubling world’s economy and the return to a notion of “value for service”, the conclusion was the “next big thing” was in-fact a return to tried and true methods and fun exercises that harken back to games of our youth.

While fitness professionals start to re-learn the “fun” side of exercise through the next decade, this is something that my group of training professionals embody, as we take what some consider drudgery and have turned it into a destination hobby. Although the notion of “fun” has long since been taken out of much of the industry whereby many are handcuffed to a treadmill, the newest craze is a step back in time and rope skip.

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The Muscles from Brussels is Back!

At 48, Jean Claude Van Damme reflects on life, fitness,
and his most praised film to date ‘JCVD’By: Daniel Collier

article 2009 van damme 01 The Muscles from Brussels is Back!Action movie star and former international martial arts champion Jean Claude Van Damme is making a big screen comeback! In his recent film ‘JCVD‘, Van Damme portrays…well, himself, an aging action movie star whose B-list status has fallen so far he’s even losing roles to Steven Seagal. Here’s a short synopsis: After a failed custody battle over his daughter, Van Damme retreats to his Belgian hometown only to stumble into a hostage situation at a local bank. His cinematic martial arts moves are no match for real bullets, and to make matters worse, the police and the public believe he’s the culprit, not the victim.

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