MCT OIL: A Bodybuilder’s Secret


I guess I should introduce myself to all of you, what with this being my first blog entry to ProSource and all. But many of you know me already, and the rest of you will get to know me soon enough. Bodybuilding and supplements are a big part of my life, and have been for a long time. That’s who I am.

But anyway, here’s what I really want to talk about. MCT Oil.

I answer a lot of questions from bodybuilders, and a lot of the time they’re about whatever “hot,” trendy product is out there. But sometimes, it’s the little-known products that make the biggest difference.

So, back to MCT Oil. What is this stuff and who cares?

I could point out a few basic performance factors about it and mention the fact that most of the successful (as in, the ones that WIN) bodybuilders don’t leave home without it. MCT Oil is the final touch most bodybuilders never talk about because no one ever asks. This little OIL has been around and doing the job for years. MCT Oil has a potent thermogenic effect and provides energy faster to your muscles than proteins or carbs.

So who cares? You should. So pay attention, here’s my take on it. Your body will rapidly burn MCT Oil for energy and provide muscle-sparing recovery. Therefore, it decreases the rate at which muscle protein is cannibalized for energy. To keep it short and simple, this isn’t some “miracle snake oil.”

OK how about this…MCT Oil fuels the furnace that increases muscle. Hey, maybe I just should have written that.

I’m going to like this blogging business.

Just sayin’,


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    Keep working ,great job!…

  2. Kat Says:

    So, I should take it pre workout, right? If not on an empty stomach , then with what? I usually have oatmeal with walnuts and 3 egg whites and one whole egg 2 hours before my workout. Should I skip this and just have Greek yogurt with mct oil? Not sure how to combine it for more energy , fat loss , and increase muscle

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