The Journey Begins


Hello, everyone. It’s great to be here on the ProSource blog. I got into the actual sport of bodybuilding through the influence of my friends. My buddies and I were always encouraging each other to diet and work out. After a while, the idea of doing a bodybuilding show just grew naturally out of the lifestyle I was living. I was most of the way toward my goals when I met my wife. She’s been incredibly supportive and actually told me to do it. Just to do it, she said.

She helped with my meals and has always understood the dedication required to succeed in the sport. I wasn’t even married to her yet, and she was 100% behind me. I was a little nervous going into it, because I didn’t know the PROPER way of dieting. So I went into it dieting the best way I knew how. Then, in the 7th week,  with 3 weeks left before my first show, a trainer saw what I was doing. We’ll call him the “guru” because he is pretty knowledgable, and he must of seen something in me and decided to help me. I ended up taking 2nd Place in the Open Division. The following year, I won my division.

Now, I’m looking forward to picking up where I left off. The guys that really inspired are Lee Priest, Mark Dugdale, Rich Gaspari, and Lee Labrada. You can see where I’m going with this. Short guys, but awesome physiques.

The one guy that really stands out to me in this point in life is Mark Dugdale. Reading a little bio of him, I know he’s a pretty determined guy. Having a business to run, the gym to get to, and most importantly spending time with his family. This is a guy who manages his time with balance and with the dedication. Reading about him inspires me to do my next show, because if he can do this, so can I.

This is how much I want it. I would like to shoot for the Golds they have in October.

Less talkin’, more liftin’


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  1. Bayardo Lopez Says:

    Hey Doug. ut was really good and pleasant read this article about dedication and hard work and it’s pay off. I am struggling with my work outs, I go to the gym 5 times per week try cardio 1 hour and 1 hour on weight but the results has been minimun, try to diet but am not aware of what properly dieting to get thru. I mean I don’t intend to be a pro body builder but look good to my wife’s eyes LOL… help out buddy give me some advise in the correct way dieting and work outs – Thanks


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