Post-Pregnancy: the Road Back…


Before I start getting into my pursuit of my bodybuilding goals for this year, I should mention that I’m not the only person in my home looking to return to peak conditioning.

As some of you know, my wife had our baby several weeks ago.   She had a C-section and she’s doing great. The one thing I tried to get her to do—and she also did it on her own—was to get up and start moving around. A lot of women are concerned about their weight/figure (I know, who isn’t?), so she didn’t need a lot of convincing.

Right now my wife can’t do much running or lifting weights because she is still healing, which usually takes about 6 weeks after a C-section. So what you can do is be consistent in the gym, focus on a goal whether it is cardio related or in weights. Going walking with her and the baby helps her with cardio and is also good for your heart.

Besides diet and exercise there are supplements that you can take to help you accomplish your post-pregnancy goal. Remember you’re losing weight to stay healthy and, yes, keeping the body toned up. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get to it this month or the next, but be aware you are doing something better for your health. Just know that being happy with yourself is important. If you treat your goal as something that could be fun, you’ll see it come off, but if you treat it as a chore, that will make it tougher. Be positive.

Here’s some of the foods we eat or prepare for the whole week:

Chicken – We usually marinate it in balsamic vinegar, or any other healthy choice of toppings.

Beef – We usually take ground beef, mix it with oatmeal, 1 egg, and some hot or spicy herbs.

Fish – Mainly flounder for us.

Protein Shakes – We usually do the NytroWhey and for her, she likes the Vectron.

Other simple choices are brown rice, veggies, oatmeal, salads, fruits, and whole wheat pasta.

As always, watching your sodium, sugar and calorie intake. This will determine how fast you may lose the weight. There’s a lot of great choices to choose from so dieting doesn’t have to be dreaded.

Less talkin’, more liftin’


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 Post Pregnancy: the Road Back...  Post Pregnancy: the Road Back...

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    Great reading for any women looking to get back in shape with dietary supplements post delivery.

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