New Year’s Resolutions


Hey guys,

Christmas passed us like it was just another day and now onto the New Years Resolutions! I know a lot of people have some goals in mind for the future and getting into shape always comes up as a subject. The way to approach the New Year with anything is to always have some type of plan. For example, people always want to get into shape, always want to look good for the warm months ahead. But then the time passes us by and we are still in the same shape we were in during Christmas dinner while stuffing our faces with sweets!

Instead, get off to a good start by making a meal plan. This will make it easier for you to see how many calories, carbs, protein, etc., you will be consuming in a day. Consider the different ways you can work out, switch your program up a bit. If you lifted heavy all year round, incorporate some light lifts with more reps. Learn to shock the muscles in that aspect where you keep your body guessing. This would also mean taking some time off from the gym. If need be, take 3-5 days off; get that rest and start back up again.

I know working out in the gym sometimes can become stale, doing the same thing. So switch that up by maybe running outside, do different sports activities, anything to keep the body going.

Remember to keep your goals realistic so you can avoid failure.

Happy New Year,


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