Street Crimes Challenge

Hey all. This is my first post since starting our Street Crimes Challenge. It has been very exciting at work and at the gym. Yesterday I was able to fit an hour workout into a 19 hour workday. So far since January 1, 2011 I have lost 14 pounds. I have not taken any measurements since the 1st but have taken in two notches on my belt.
Last night I had a breakdown and drank a soda during a surveillance so we will see what that did.
I have to say thank you to ProSource for helping us in this and we hope to post more frequently.

Tips to helping you have a happy and healthy new year

Happy New Year!!

Hey guys,

I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday break. It’s now time to refocus…It’s 2011 and there’s never been a better time than NOW to begin a new fitness journey. So let’s start off with how to properly take care of your bones and joints. A decreased amount of joint mobility can dramatically obstruct your exercise form and ultimately decrease the effectiveness of your workouts.

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