Train Smarter, Not Harder


Hello everyone from the Demon team.

The hardest thing for us to accept is the fact that the older we get the smarter we have to be about training.  When Nate and I were 18, we would lift until we literally fainted.  Wake up from fainting then train again.  Needless to say, things change and not only can we not do that stuff anymore, it’s not good for us to do.

The hardest thing for me to teach bodybuilders, strength athletes, UFC guys, is the importance of understanding your body’s dynamic function and capabilities.  Believe it or not, 9 out of 10 guys I work with who have been training for years, have literally no clue how to properly train.   I initially need to run them “back to the beginning” and teach them proper biomechanics, posture techniques, muscle pathways, and  muscle functions: “Isometric, eccentric, concentric control.”

Before any serious training program, you should do a general assessment of your physical and structural movement and capabilities.  In order to get maximal results, your body needs to function at its highest possible efficiency.  Know what your overactive muscles are and what your under-active muscles are.   Stretch the overactive, strengthen the underactive is always the rule of thumb.  It can, however, get a little more complex based upon body dysfunctions.    If you want to get serious about your training, the best thing you can do sometimes is take an advanced Pilates class.  Understand postural control, breathing, and contraction of your muscles.  Increase VO2, muscle strength-ratio’s, and much more are benefits you are missing out on by the simplest little changes.

My favorite ab exercise in the world is an isometric contraction of the transverse ab’s (low abs)  Most people can’t stimulate this muscle properly.   You can do any leg lift in the world or sit ups until you drop.   You will get no benefits if you can not  conduct proper muscle contraction.  Experimenting with your neuromuscular contraction always makes you a better and more well-rounded weight/endurance trainer.  Different contractions of muscles always increase metabolic rate, protein synthesis, and ultimately growth and fat loss.  I lift 1/4 of the weight and 1/2 the time  compared to 5 years ago.  My workouts are just more precise and way more efficient.

So sit big, work muscles in their fullest ranges of motion and recover with a Supreme Protein Bar .  There new PB&J is the best.

Training is going good for Nate and I.  I was just at the Eastern Sportsman show with my UFC fighter Tim “The Barbarian” Boetsch at our Barbarian Ranch Stand. We run an Elk hunting business in Colorado on top of UFC fighting and bodybuilding.  I was approached by a model to consider fitness modeling and Tim and I received numerous compliments of our physiques.  I also was just in an infomercial/modeling job for exercise equipment so the DEMON plan is working better than ever.  Sad part is, I didn’t even start training yet!!!  2011 will be big.

Check out the first DEMON youtube video.  This was taken by our iPhones so it’s not terrific, but it should motivate you! God bless you all.

Nate is the Dark Haired guy and I am the blonde guy.


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