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In my line of work, I have the pleasure of meeting great athletes from many sports. The person we are going to be talking about today is a professional baseball player and his name is Robert Semerano. I had the pleasure of sitting down with him and talking to him about his future goals. In many cases, athletes sometimes hit a plateau and want to step
up their game. Rob came to us to for advice regarding meal/diet/supplement strategies to achieve his goal. Here are a few questions I asked him to give us an idea of what he does and is doing to get to his goal.

DL: Rob, tell us a little bit about yourself and your career thus far.

RS: I’m a right handed pitcher, more
specifically a late inning relief pitcher (setup man & closer roles).

DL: Which major league team did you play for and what plans do you have for your future in baseball?

RS: I played 6 years (2004-2009) of professional baseball in the Oakland
A’s, New York Yankees & Houston Astros organizations.

DL: Coming to ProSource for advice, what was your main concern?

RS: My main concern when I came to ProSource was gaining “good weight.” I had over-trained and my weight was down to 185 lbs. I wanted to find supplements, a diet, and a workout plan that would help me stay fast and explosive but also help gain good weight.

DL: What products did you use to help you put on size and strength?

RS: The products I’ve used are: NytroWhey Ultra Elite, Aminodrol, Joint Command, and the Supreme Protein bars (which for as good as they are for you, taste great!)

DL: Now as we know supplements play a big role in achieving our goals, but what was your diet like?

RS: Regarding diet, I usually start my day with a mix of 8 egg whites and 2 regular eggs, oatmeal, and some fruit. Then a protein shake and fruit or granola for a snack. Then lunch which is usually chicken or steak with a
baked potato or brown rice. Then another shake and maybe trail mix or some other snack. Dinner I eat as much as I can. It usually consists of a protein (meat, poultry, pork, fish), a starch like brown rice or baked potato or pasta, and vegetables. Then I drink one more protein shake before I go to bed. Usually 1 or 2 days a week I will have some fast food or
pizza etc.

RS: The plan worked. I now weigh 210 lbs and my velocity has gone up since November (when I was 185 lbs). I’m throwing the baseball better than ever right now and my goal is to be signed and playing in the Major Leagues at some point in 2011.

There you go guys, sometimes you need to tweak some things as far as diet, supplements, and workouts. The plan that Rob has is working very well with what he had in mind.

Remember if your diet is not working or the workouts are not being as consistent and you’re coming up short, switch it up a bit. It never hurts to try something different to reach your goal because everyone is different.

Once again, Thank you Rob for taking the time to sit with us to answer a few questions and we wish you much success!

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  1. Laurie Anello-Vail Says:

    Rob Semerano has been an excellent pitching coach, teacher and mentor to my son. He is not only a professional baseball player but a man who is genuine and sincere. He has a great family and we look forward to following his career path. Good luck Rob. We will be in those stands at one of your games! The Vail’s

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