Turn on the Light Switch for Ultimate Focus

If there is one thing I am passionate about with my life and career, it is affecting as many people’s lives as I possibly can. I dedicate most of my life to studying fitness and nutrition so I can help people become healthier and improve their overall quality of life. I have only ever attended a few sermons that made me want to walk out of the church and conquer the world. The sermon that most affected me in my career was from Pastor Randy Sizemore who was the pastor at our local church. The whole sermon explained that every person has a specific job in the world. No matter what your career is, you should be affecting people’s lives positively to help them live an easier and better life. It didn’t matter if you were a priest or pastor, as long as you were morally and ethically doing your job and helping people in some way, shape or form you were achieving true success.

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Train Fast, Get Big

Hey guys,
I hear a lot of questions about my workout and dietary regimen, so I thought I’d write a blog entry addressing these issues.
“What’s your diet like?”
“How long do you train in the gym?”
“What body parts do you train and on what days?”
It seems that nowadays everyone is pressed for time whether it is due to family or work. Both are very important, so most find themselves asking how do I manage working out/dieting with a busy schedule or finding a balance for it. I’ll give you my own personal diet and training regimen.
There are several variations of this that I have done. They work pretty well for me and I am always making sure I pay attention to my body regarding how I feel and to see if I have any results.

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Finding Motivation

When I look back over the years on what I accomplished in my career, I realized one of the most challenging variables there are in training is finding motivation.  There is always some kind of apprehensiveness in people when they are seeking fitness or nutrition guidance.  A very common thing I always assess in people is the struggle to find motivation to do exercise or diet.  As humans, the last thing we want to do is fail to meet our goals with anything we take on in life.  Finding some short term realistic goals that are easily obtainable, is always a great way to start any fitness program.  A great proximal goal that is objective and very obtainable is something like losing ½ inch off your waist in 5 weeks.  The hardest thing about losing the inches is not understanding how to do so, but mostly finding the motivation to do it.  Sometimes understanding how to do it can be a motivator.  Education to me has certainly been a huge motivator to proceed to the next level of training. For the most part, people know what they should and shouldn’t eat.  It is structuring a program to follow through with and finding the courage to act on it.  Sometimes a person’s motivation is staying healthy to be able to live healthy for their kids or even grandkids.  Other times people’s motivation is the competitiveness to be the best they can be at a sport or event.  Whatever the motivation may be, we need to find it within ourselves and act on it.   Motivation also changes depending on where we are at in our lives and what we are doing.

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Hey Guys!

Some inspiration I thought I’d share…

Throughout my years working out and attending gyms I have run into several types of people, all there to achieve various goals or just to be fit and healthy.  Every once in awhile you come across someone  or something that adds a little more inspiration to your routine and/or life. While I appreciate everyone who works hard and strives for goals, this blog entry today is going out for a few people at my gym who have physical challenges whether they be temporary or for life.

You may or may not have come across someone at your gym wheelchair bound or disabled, but I have and want to tell them that I admire them. People who have disabilities have so many challenges in their everyday lives, but they seem to get to the gym and lift just like you and me.   To have that kind of drive and determination speaks volumes, about them and possibly their support system around them. They could be sitting home, online or catching up on some television, letting life fly by, but they’re not. They are sweating it out next to you or me.

Guys, sometimes if we lack the motivation to hit the gym, run or cycle that extra mile, swim that next lap or jump that extra hurdle, whatever your sport may be… Push yourself, and challenge yourself to strive in that sport. I don’t and they certainly don’t look at their disabilities as something that holds them back, but I have to say it does teach me that you can reach your goals in life as well as the sport we choose to do.

Street Crimes Challenge

Sooo freaking amped. We are having nice weather and was able to drag out some T shirts I hadn’t put on in awhile. The sleeves were too tight and I had extra material around the middle/waist. Running low on AndroTest Extreme. Hope to get some more soon.