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Hello to Everyone from the Demon Team.

Training has been exceptionally good lately for Nathan and I.  We’ve been implementing new tactics into our training and experimenting with different nutrition styles, all of which have been giving me diverse ideas for the 12-week “crunch time” preparation we are about to go through.  Nate and I were recently at an all-you-can-eat wild game meal to put on some extra good quality size for our recovery.  Both of us Demons ran into some road blocks last week that slowed us down a bit.  Nate was not able to focus throughout the day and was getting shaking fits.  I actually acquired an “eye twitch” that was really annoying and made it hard for me to focus on my Masters studies.  The eye twitch then developed into a fever-like virus that knocked me down for a few days.  Both of us assumed we were overtraining, so we really backed off with the lifting and dieting.  Sometimes all the physiological and chemical changes you are administering to your body can really overload your whole entire system.  Taking your body back to temporary homeostasis and giving yourself a break is my main concern.  I DO NOT believe in working through sickness and illness.

It is extremely crucial that you be very open minded with your research and methodology with training and nutrition.  What works for once person will often not work for another, never let anyone tell you otherwise.  The person who always claims his theories are the best I have learned has no clue what is going on.  Also make sure your source of information is credible.  It’s really funny; Nate and I were discussing at the wild game meal about where we are at in our careers and how we evolved.  When we were 18 years old, we used to read Flex magazine for all our weight training and nutrition tips.  Now we email each other scholarly journal articles on topics such as “The Glycemic Index Response of Different Bees and Their Honey” for our post-workout recovery insulin stabilization.  We also just accessed an 11 page study on everything imaginable you could know about water.  You would not believe all the different information on water that I totally buy into.   As you can see, we have evolved with everything in our bodybuilding.  The more I learn about the human body, the more I realize I have absolutely no idea what is going on.  Training and nutrition is just as much an art as it is a science.  I can never stress enough to my clients how I am a facilitator rather than a dictator.  My favorite quote from one of my great role models, UFC vet Mike Cies, is “There are too many sheep in this world and not enough wolves.”  I can honestly say I was a sheep getting into this simply because you have to get a base.  Once I started figuring things out I realized I have created my own style of theory and training.

Charles Darwin has always been a hero of mine with his natural selection and survival of the fittest philosophies (No I am not giving you a science lesson).  However, one of my favorite quotes from Charles Darwin that I apply to my life and my bodybuilding is, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”  I buy into his theory and philosophy 100%.  I do things in bodybuilding that I know for a fact no one else does.  There is always something that I change every time I get prepped for a show that is specific to only me.  Believe it or not, one time it was all directed to sleep.  I changed 10 different things about my sleep that made me get leaner.   I never knock anything anymore until I try it, however I am always very objective with regard to anything new.

I have been working with my massage therapist, Mike Walters, who is a muscle proprioseptive and biomechanical genius.  We both have been putting our heads together to try to figure out all the muscle imbalances in my body.  We really want to access my overall structure and have a superior game plan for when I get ready to take the stage.  Working different rotational movements in the transverse plane is certainly helping me aesthetically with my abdominals.  My abdominals have always been my “weak” point in bodybuilding and I really want to make them the best they can be this time around.  I tried all types of things for years to try to figure out what is going on with that.  Mike and I both have a good idea what is happening and it’s a very simple change.

The postural changes coming from my shoulders, cervical muscles, and lumbar hip complex have the main emphasis and overall issue we feel.  Crazily enough, my training has been surely maximized, which has given me an unbelievable amount of physiological benefits.  Simply changing my posture walking around in everyday life has caused me to drop bodyfat without dieting due to an increase of oxygen delivery and availability to my tissues (vo2) which directly enhanced my energy systems.  I am getting fuller chest expansion in my chest cavity which is making me looking bigger and leaner as well.

That structure change always has enhanced my muscle biomechanics and proprioception.  I certainly had some flexibility issues due to the compensation of the posture deficiencies.  This also causes muscles to do things they are not supposed to, so we had to go back and fix those issues as well.  It’s really hard for me to lay off the intensity of the weight, but I am basically doing temporary physical therapy on my body and I am looking bigger and leaner than ever.  Once I have the proprioception totally figured out, I can increase my weight and intensity and be stronger than ever.  My chiropractor told me this from the get-go and I am glad he did.  “Sometimes you’ve got to go back to go forward in life.”  I hated that I couldn’t be benching 315 anymore, but I realize I don’t need to do that nor should I.

This time around is certainly going to be a different ball game with how I am going to look, which is really exciting.  My goal is to always to get better and continue to learn.  Train hard everyone and be the best you can be.  I will leave you with a quote from the one of the greatest muscle heads of them all

“It’s all about the training, prayers, and vitamins.”-Hulk Hogan


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    I think what Ryan wrote is awesome! I would like to follow him on fb or twitter but I don’t know how. This guy really knows his stuff, and I would appreciate any instructions on how to follow Ryan. Thanks!

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