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Pro-Fans, as we all may know MMA has taken off to new heights in the sporting industry and has become huge on many levels. While gaining recognition with fans and viewers, it is also growing in popularity with your average excercise enthusiast just wanting to stay in shape. I sat down with a Pro-MMA fighter from NJ and a long time family friend by the name of Jason Coleman. We talked about his goals, training, and the Fight Card he’s on, May 20th in Atlantic City at Resorts.

DL- First question I wanted to ask you is about your up and coming fight on May 20th. How does this fight compare to your other fights?..Does this one hold more of a personal meaning to you after taking some time off?

JC- I look at this fight as if I’ve been training for this my whole life. In the past, I never trained for my other fights. I would maybe train 2-3 days out of the week and do everything a fighter is not supposed to do. I still won fights on my natural abilities, but the question always came up in my head, what would happen if I gave it 100%?

DL- I know you have been training like no other out there in making sure you leave everything in the cage. How focused are you?

JC- I never have been more focused on one thing in my entire life. I have my personal life balanced with training while being 100% focused.

DL- What would be your typical day in training?

JC- A typical day of training will consist of a double session (morning & night). Each day of the week is different for me, I get one day off a week. The day will consist of either strength & conditioning, boxing, wrestling, muay thai or jiu jitsu.

DL- Diet also plays a huge part in your training and from having past knowledge due to competing in bodybuilding do you feel that gives you an edge? What’s your diet been like?

JC- Having a background in bodybuilding has given me the edge in that I know how my body works. It is a great foundation for proper nutrition and learning how to retain muscle while burning fat. My diet consists of 4-5 meals a day. My supplements that go hand and hand with my diet are whey protein, Supreme Protein bars and BCAA amino acids.

DL- Jay, what advice would you like to give people that are looking to get into MMA and/or bodybuilding, being that you have knowledge in both sports?

JC- In either sport, MMA or bodybuilding, they both have great results with obtainable goals. Make sure you push yourself and have fun while competing at either one.

DL- Jay, who’s winning the fight on May 20th?

Win or lose, I’m giving it 100 percent and I don’t know if you can stop me at 100%.

I want to thank Jason Coleman for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. Keep an eye on Jason Coleman, because he’s back! We wish you much success in the sport you have chosen and we will be hearing more about Jason in the future. For now we’re focused on watching him in his next fight.

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