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So far we have talked about Breakfast and the second meal of the day. Today lets talk about lunch and ways to make healthy eating much more tasteful and enjoyable while dieting.

Sometimes diet food becomes bland and sometimes we tend to get sick of it and indulge in our guilty pleasures in moments of weakness. Just remember why you diet, remember why you have made healthy eating a part of your lifestyle.

For one, now more than ever, people are starting to pay more attention to what they eat in maintaining their health. We have lost track of how to eat due to society keeping us on the move and hitting all the fast food restaurants. The way to prevent this is to plan out your meals so when you do go out you can bring your meals with you. I have read and been told by a lot of people that they only eat twice a day, all while wanting to lose weight or even put size on. Now…to add weight you need to keep your intake consistent. That means keeping a consistent 2-3 hrs between meals and keeping them clean. The same goes for cutting weight, but you would cut the calorie count along with carbs while still maintaining them in your meals. I hope this helps out and if you have any meal suggestions, please let’s hear it. We always welcome different meal ideas.

Here are some lunch ideas to give you some variety:

If you are Cutting, try this snack:
6-8 oz Chix/ 1/2 cup Brown rice/asparagus
8 oz Gatorade

Or check out this recipe for a TURKEY TACO LETTUCE WRAPS

If you are Maintaining, try this snack:
Chix/white rice/1/4 cup of black beans

Or check out this recipe for GRILLED CHICKEN PACKETS

If you are Bulking, try this snack:
6-8 oz steak/ 1/2 cup of oatmeal with tablespoon of peanut butter/
8 oz natural grape juice

Or check out this recipe for a THAI BEEF SALAD

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