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Its been a while since I have written something for my blog … but here we go.

January came and went, and many people have made it their resolution/goal to workout, eat healthy, and enjoy life more. I hope we were all honest with ourselves and kept the goal achievable. I see it in my gym, usually the first couple of weeks my gym is packed to the point where I say to myself this won’t last! This year has been different … a lot more people have joined for different reasons and are sticking to it! Here are a few questions I have been getting:

I’m trying to lose weight/get leaner how do I go about it?

The one thing I recommend is planning your week out to do cardio and preparation of your meals in advance. Don’t let “I don’t have time to do cardio” or “I don’t have time to cook” be an excuse because what you’re doing is cheating yourself. Once you get in a groove of doing this in repetition mode you’ll see that you’ll do it without thinking at times. Then it becomes a normal habit and a healthy one.

What do I eat to get leaner?

Common sense is definitely a big plus. You have no idea how many times I get the question, “Can I still have my sweets?” NO, my trainer doesn’t say to me, “Sure Doug, eat your sweets because that will get you to your goal faster.”

Protein: Eat your basic egg whites, chicken, tuna, fish, and beef in many different styles of servings.
Carbs: Oatmeal, potatoes, sweet potatoes, greens, whole wheat bread, and much much more!

Diet doesn’t mean you have to fear eating. Mix it up, this is where you can add spices and get creative with healthy meals.

Which supplements should I take?

There are many supplements out there to take. I’ll give some examples of which ones that have worked well with many people I hear from:

Ultimate Definition Stack http://bit.ly/bOtY6T
Elite Diet Support Stack http://bit.ly/9kpE0D
Brand New Zycor http://bit.ly/AaIMsf
You can even try this stack: 7 keto http://bit.ly/f3BgzJ, CLA and Betastax http://bit.ly/zExBWF

Remember! These supplements will work and complement your diet if you stick to a regimen or workout plan.

Can I still get bigger while cutting up?

This is the question I get after, “How do I (or can I) lose weight?”

You have to remember when losing weight you may be lowering the caloric / carbs intake that you normally have when bulking up, BUT it is still possible to maintain the illusion that you have grown due to getting rid of the body fat. YES you can. Here’s a few suggestions you can take to cut and to add muscle to your physique:

Elite Diet Support Stack http://bit.ly/9kpE0D
Forslean http://bit.ly/lspsrx
AndroCept http://bit.ly/hm6nQO
In studies, carnitine has helped with fat loss and promotes growth!

Remember Pro-Fans to keep focused and you will get to your goal. The only person in your way can sometimes be YOU … NO ONE ELSE. When you point the finger as an excuse the thumb is always pointing back at you. January may have been a time to reflect on what you promised yourself but make February the month to actually hit it hard with your workouts/diet/discipline.

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