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Hey Pro-Fans, I asked what our fans had questions about concerning workout, diet, health, and supplementation and I received a pretty good amount of feedback. I picked a few to write about and will continue to do so.

I want to thank Anthony Delgaudio, John J. Carucci, and Mike Rollo. I will continue to go through the list and just keep writing.

Q: I’m just starting out. How do I go about it?

A: The one thing you have to do before joining a gym is make the commitment (a promise to yourself) that you will stick with this and achieve whatever goal you may have in mind. I’ll tell you that starting off can be very difficult and sometimes you may be bored with it, so sticking to it would be satisfying in itself. More importantly, you will feel more in control over what you are doing. I know many people may feel scared or intimidated to go to the gym but you’re doing this for YOU and YOU only! Fear could be the effect of not wanting to go to the gym (much like the concept of “speaking in public”). Many feel insecure and nervous, but remember we all eat, breathe, and walk the same! Another way of looking at this is when you do start off it can be a learning experience. This is where you learn your weaknesses or strengths and see what you have deep inside you.

Now, for the first couple of weeks, hit the gym 3 days a week and you can build on this going forward to 4 and 5 days a week. You pick the days and being that you are going for 3 days you can do two body parts per day.

For example: Ask a trainer about this concept of training. They may give you a 2-3 day training week to start off. Each and everyone will be going to their own pace. Sets, Reps, and how heavy the weight will vary for everyone. Remember to lift the correct way, this will avoid injury and prevent time away from the gym. Your main goal is not just to go to the gym but to put everything into it and the weights and how you look will follow. Trust me!

(If you hear of any other way or idea, just drop a line on our facebook page)

Monday- Chest and Triceps

Wednesday- Back and Biceps

Friday- Shoulders and Legs

After a month or so you could be doing 5 days a week and by that time splitting the body parts. When maintaining this workout regimen you will see a noticeable difference and your hard work will be paying off.

Monday- Chest

Tuesday- Back

Wednesday- Shoulders

Thursday- Arms

Friday- Legs

“Starting up After a Long Layoff”

You hear it from trainers, friends or even if you call up our reps here at ProSource: “Take a week off.”

The meaning behind this is to rest. Give your body some time to grow and also use this time as a reset button, if we had one to press. Use this time to reflect. I personally believe that the mind plays a huge role in bodybuilding/fitness/health and how far we go with it. Taking a week off can also prepare you mentally for an extended period of time you may have to take off. Believe me I have done it.

If the layoff has been for a while, the way to start is SLOWWWW. Many people put pressure on themselves to lift heavy otherwise they feel they won’t benefit anything from that day of lifting. Lifting smart will benefit you in more ways than one.

1. No injury
2. Longevity in the weight room (we’ll talk more about this in another blog) but starting with the 3 day a week, 2 body part per day schedule would be ideal. Just ease into it. From this you can advance to your normal schedule when you see fit. Doing this will build stamina and remember, muscle memory has a way of coming back fast, so be patient and just keep your head in the game!

“How to Even Out Muscle Groups”

This is an excellent question being that in bodybuilding my main goal is to have a proportional body on stage, a physique that every judge looks for. The way to do so is to pay close attention to what you do and to train differently every week, trying to hit your body parts in ways they weren’t hit the week before. It’s all about “angles.” This provides a strain to certain muscle groups and stimulates growth. This concept works for every body part you train and to get the most of it … STRETCH! Stretching will allow your muscle to be less sore, more flexible, and have better circulation. The way to work on certain lacking body parts is to hit the free weights. This will give you an even distribution of weight on each side. Please pay attention to your entire body. You do not want to be big on top and have tooth picks for legs. I have seen this and believe me legs have to be done. Fellas, do them so the rest of your body grows. Ladies, this will give you the legs/glutes you desire. Example: For chest, you can do dumbbells, back-single dumbbell rows, Legs-single presses, and shoulders and arms the same. Doing this will force the weaker muscle to play catch up to the strong one and you will see the results of a proportioned physique.

Pro-Fans, I hope this helps you out and motivates those of you who may need the extra push. Please keep me posted on what you think, or anything else you want me to talk about, and I’ll give it to you straight!

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  1. Kristen Says:

    True. Doug, I have been performing single leg workouts for my past three leg workouts. The difference in training, I feel, is creating an increased “cut” look to my legs. It also allowed to me to experience how much weaker my right side is compared to my left!! Definetely something to work for, which i didn’t notice until I began unilateral training. Very true.

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