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First, I’d like to say that I hope everyone is reaching their goals. Do not get discouraged by any means if you are lagging. You have the ability to make the changes in your life when it comes to a healthy life style. So today, I’ll discuss muscle recovery, supplements, pre- and post-workout supplements, joint support and how to prevent injury.

We have discussed AMINO ACIDS plenty of times but now you will learn the importance of them. Amino acids (these are the cells that are released to repair the muscles) keep your muscles from breaking down (a process known as catabolism). Catabolism breaks down muscle, causes shrinkage in the muscle, and can cause injury. So taking in aminos prevents the breakdown of the muscle you are working hard to keep or to put on.

Why take aminos?
Well, the body has a way of using your muscles as energy, therefore you lose mass. Branched-chain aminos are something you can take pre- and post-workout. When it comes to taking a pre-workout, you want to make sure you are getting aminos. This prevents breakdown and immediately helps with muscle recovery. Certain pre-workout products may contain calories, protein, and carbs as this can be beneficial for muscle growth. The same goes for the post-workout products. (This varies according to the goal you may have set yourself as far as adding mass or leaning out. The important part is to take your aminos!)

Here are a few examples of pre-workout products with aminos I have taken:
Aminodrol by ProSource
Mega BCAA by ProSource
Super Pump Max by Gaspari Nutrition
NO Shotgun by VPX

I didn’t take them at the same time. I would mix them up and I found a system that worked well for me. The post-workout supplements that worked well with me, I made sure they had (again) aminos in them. And if I didn’t want the calories, let’s say for 3 scoops in serving size, I would bring it down to 2 scoops. When doing this you start to understand your body more and more each day with regard to how certain supplements work with you. Post recovery supplements are crucial to take immediately for rapid growth and repair. If you’re someone that doesn’t like using extra supplements, just keep it simple and make sure you eat the right foods for growth.

Here are a few examples of post-recovery supplements:
Aminodrol – Yes same as the first one in the Pre-workout
MyoZene by BioQuest
After Mass by ProSource
NO Synthesize by VPX – This one I stacked with one from the pre’s. Can you guess which one?

Fans, remember, when taking these supplements be sure to read the back of the bottles or packages for ingredients and directions so you know you are taking them correctly.

Let’s gradually switch gears and move onto something we can’t forget:

What keeps our muscles together and moving?
Our ligaments and joints play an important role in building muscle. How many times have you had a sore elbow (tennis elbow), shoulder, or knee issues? The list goes on and on! One of the ways to attack this problem is to warm up and stretch. Not only are you stretching your muscle but you are also warming up your joints. Doing this can AND WILL prevent joint issues (ligament tears, dislocation, swelling, and muscle tears).

As bodybuilding/working out progresses (changes) in style the whole key element to this is to save our joints. Many bodybuilders have taken a different route from lifting crazy heavy (at times) to smarter. You may have even trained yourself to be more conscious of keeping your elbows bent, keeping less pressure on your shoulder, or preventing your knees from breaking the 90 degree angle. These are certain ways that we can avoid injury. When it comes to joint/ligaments issues (injury), this is when you have to take some time off from the gym. Yes, time off will do you some good. You want to take this time to heal properly so you can maintain the way you are training and continue to train.

Supplements to use for the joint/ligaments:
Super Vitamin C by ProSource
Omega-1250 by ProSource
Extra Strength Joint Command by ProSource
Ultra Cissus by ProSource
Ultra Glucosamine & Chondroitin by ProSource
and many more:

I hope this helps you out regarding aminos and what products you can take. Remember fans, lifting smarter will keep you in the gym lifting hard all the time.

Keep it going, and if you have any questions drop a line on our facebook page.

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