Unfit to Fit!


Hey Pro-Fans—

As we look around us each day, we read and hear about how Americans are becoming more and more obese and out of shape. Could it be true? How do we go about making this country a healthy country? What are the steps to take?

“Could it be true”

We have had government surveys in just about every year for each state and overall we are getting fatter. Just look at the food that many eat on a day-to-day basis. Look at the ingredients/nutritional facts on our foods, including the calories/fats/cholesterol, etc. And still we eat them.

“Who can make these changes?”

Each and every one of us have the power to do so. Let’s take a look at our own lives, and what we do each day to go from unfit to fit.  We all have choices every second of the day. We wake up, and either go 100% or sometimes veer off. But we know that eating cleaner is a step we need to take to reach the goal of living a healthy lifestyle. I’m not suggesting that we all have to look like bodybuilders, but knowing that we are eating clean is something that is beneficial to our health and family.

“How do we go about making this country a healthy country?”

As a community, we are getting closer and closer to reaching out to people who are not working out, eating clean, and building the motivation to live healthy. I get at least one person a  each day that says to me, ”I’m getting back into it again”,  or “I never lifted a day but want to get started.” Many realize that they do need some health structure in their lives. That’s moving forward in making this country healthy again. Let’s not take the knowledge we have for granted but actually use the important facts in living healthy and apply it to our lives each and every day!

“What steps to take”

I have to say that we sometimes  overwhelm ourselves with too many ideas or put too much thought into what we have to do. Here are a few helpful tips we can use. Start with yourself, by being or showing by example to motivate people around you. Along with starting with yourself start at home, show your kids, your family that living a healthy lifestyle is something positive and the reward is your Health. The more and more we do this, the more it will become a habit of good health and a way to start the ball rolling to living in a healthy country. Make some small changes and you will see the difference.

The way my family keeps a healthy life style is preparing our meals on the weekend and from there we maintain healthy structure. More importantly, teaching our little one to eat clean and healthy will go a long way. This is something we decided, like many other families have also done. Our son is going to be two years old and if you would put French fries or fruits in front of him, every time he would pick his fruits first. I’m proud to say that we’re doing our part….will you?

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