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  • $10 Gift Card: Submit a healthy recipe. If we like it, we’ll post it on our site and send you the card-it’s that simple! Winners are announced Mondays on our facebook page.
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  • Free Shirt? Two ways to win:
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Freebie Friday is Overflowing Today!

T-shirts, Autographed Jerseys, Supreme Protein Bars…Your chances are looking pretty good! Here’s how you can enter to win:

1. FREE PS.NET T-SHIRT: To enter, click on our REVIEWS tab (below our profile photo on facebook) or click here. Write a review of One random winner will be chosen today at 4pm EST.

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We’ll Hook You Up!

30263 10150210453345327 269339705326 13022594 8199299 n 214x300 Well Hook You Up!ProSource customers are the world’s best, and we enjoy hearing from you every day. The Facebook page is always hopping, with bodybuilders and fitness fanatics sharing their wisdom, looking for advice, and just talking about their experiences on the road to the perfect physique and overall health.

Of course, sharing isn’t a one-way street, and we’re always looking for reasons to shower our workout-warrior friends with gift cards, goodies, and other freebies. Check the Facebook page every day, and be sure to participate in these fun weekly promotions:

1) Mondays: Send in a healthy recipe you use. If it’s awesome, and we share it on our site, you win a $10 Gift Card! One winner each week!

2) Wednesdays: We’ll post a question from a ProSource article. Answer correctly and you could win the featured supplement!

3) Fridays: We give away a T-Shirt to one lucky fan.

4) In addition to those weekly prizes, you can send in your sucess stories with before/after photos and score a FREE shirt. If your photos get the most “votes” (LIKES) at the end of the month, you win a ProSource Prize Package!

Bottom Line: Keep a close eye on our Facebook Page. We’ll Hook You Up!

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