Street Crimes Challenge

Sooo freaking amped. We are having nice weather and was able to drag out some T shirts I hadn’t put on in awhile. The sleeves were too tight and I had extra material around the middle/waist. Running low on AndroTest Extreme. Hope to get some more soon.

Pres Day Workout

First day off from work in two weeks. So what do I do? I go to work so I can workout at the department gym. GEEEZ I have to get a life. The workouts are good but would be better if I had not been so busy with real work first.
I am so glad I have made a commitment to doing this and keeping up with the blog and such. If I had not agreed to blogging I know I would have skipped the workout today. Thanks ProSource. I owe ya.

Street Crimes

Just had a vehicle pursuit where the driver bailed out and ran on foot. The foot pursuit was over 1/2 mile long in cold weather and 6 inches of snow.

Had this been a month ago, I would have never caught this 20 year old meth head.
It was awesome, I didn’t even puke after the run. lol

Snow is not helping

This freaking weather is killing me. Been trying so hard to keep eating clean and sticking to a workout. All running is being done on a treadmill. Starting to wish for a 40 degree day so I can go out and run. Weight training is going good though. Been making some gains and cutting inches in all the right places.

Before a SuperBowl Party on Sunday I ran 3 extra miles knowing that I would blow it at the party. My only hope is that I broke even.

Street Crimes Challenge

Hey all. This is my first post since starting our Street Crimes Challenge. It has been very exciting at work and at the gym. Yesterday I was able to fit an hour workout into a 19 hour workday. So far since January 1, 2011 I have lost 14 pounds. I have not taken any measurements since the 1st but have taken in two notches on my belt.
Last night I had a breakdown and drank a soda during a surveillance so we will see what that did.
I have to say thank you to ProSource for helping us in this and we hope to post more frequently.