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tuna Dinnertime!Hey ProSource fans,

Keep all those recipes coming in and help all of us reach our goals for daily eating. The next meal we’ll address is the 5th meal. For many of us, this is the dinner time meal and having your regular chicken/beef/tuna with your complex carbs such as brown rice, baked potato, and greens is ideal. This meal is very important in that it’s one of the last “food” meals we’ll have for the day, and we have to make this clean as possible. This is the time we all tend to wind down and for many this is the time we have to be wary of. We have to watch because we can put on unwanted weight. The night time is one of the worst time for many, including myself, so being strict is the name of the game.

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4 Considerations When Starting a New Diet or Workout Plan

Hey Guys—

As long as there have been people who want to improve how they look, there have been fitness programs and diets aimed at them. In years past, we would see them in some of the most popular magazines out there and now they are becoming more and more available on the web. But how do we know which one is right for us?

Here are a couple of factors you should take into consideration when signing on for a popular diet plan:

Workout plan/meal affordability – Remember to always stay within your budget so you can continue the diet and not have anything deterring you from it. (Staying on a clean diet  can be pricey.) Also, when it comes to gyms, make sure you work out at one you feel comfortable paying and working out at.

Time constraints – Keep in mind that dieting can be difficult for people with a lot of free time, never mind those who are always on the go. Be mindful of your schedule—work, kids, extracurricular activities—when you’re taking on a new regimen that makes a lot of demands on you.

Don’t worry about “the perfect time to start” – You can start the diet any time you’d like. Sure sometimes we say, “Hey I’ll start on Monday,” or “I’ll start the 1st of Jan, Feb, or March” and that’s when we tend to delay. The time to start is the day you’re ready to make that commitment. Make yourself a plan and stick with it!

Is dieting and fitness for me? – At the gym, I see more and more people from different walks of life enter the world of fitness. This could be due to the amount of stress we deal with today or it can just be simply that more people are aware of their health and are taking part to stay healthy. Make sure that you’re dieting or attending the gym for the right reasons. To improve your health.

Keep in mind, dieting is tough so try to keep focused and have a strong mind set on what your goal is and switch up your diet/meal plan so it doesn’t become repetitive. The same thing with the workouts, switch them up and you’ll see great improvements!  Have fun with it, because, after all, this is for your health!

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The Journey Begins

Hello, everyone. It’s great to be here on the ProSource blog. I got into the actual sport of bodybuilding through the influence of my friends. My buddies and I were always encouraging each other to diet and work out. After a while, the idea of doing a bodybuilding show just grew naturally out of the lifestyle I was living. I was most of the way toward my goals when I met my wife. She’s been incredibly supportive and actually told me to do it. Just to do it, she said.

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Meal Replacements – Secret Weapon of the On-the-Go Athlete

Whenever I’m in a convenience store these days, I’m always amazed at how many Ready-to-Drink supplement shakes are crammed into the coolers. (I’m old enough to remember when it was Gatorade or nothin’.) The other thing that amazes me is the low-quality of some of these drinks.

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