Mid Morning Snack Recipes for Growth or Cutting

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Last blog I talked about breakfast meals and how to mix and match them. This time around we’re going to talk about the importance of the meals between breakfast and lunch. It’s important to feed our bodies with “snacks” considered as a meal. In doing so, it gives the body extra energy and the protein/carbs our body needs to function throughout the day.

This also helps us put size on and or can help lean the body down. Of course there are different meals to eat that will help with what you are looking for, but it is important to have a snack. Eating every 2 hrs is what I do, and you should absolutely give it a shot. Or you can do every 3 hrs. This has many effects on the body. One, it speeds up your metabolism, helping with cutting body fat and building muscle. I get asked all the time … what should I do to help lose weight or gain weight? Well, this is part of the answer. Mix up the meals that way you keep it fresh too. Hope this helps, fans!

Here are some snack ideas to give you some variety:

If you are Cutting, try this snack:
Can of tuna (in water) with Vinegar

Or check out this recipe for a BERRY SMOOTHIE WITH ANTIOXIDANTS

If you are Maintaining, try this snack:
Salad with oz raisins, 1 oz almond nuts

Or check out this recipe for PROTEIN PACKED PUDDING

If you are Bulking, try this snack:
1-2 scoops protein, 1 oz almond nuts or teaspoon of natural peanut butter, 1-2 rice cakes

Or check out this recipe for PEANUT BUTTER BALLS

Eat Clean and Enjoy Your Meals

pk Eat Clean and Enjoy Your MealsThese last few weeks everyone seems to be getting ready for the summer time, trimming down, and hitting the gym harder. The one key ingredient to the cutting is the diet. Don’t be afraid of the word “diet” though. It just means that you’ll be cleaning your meals up, while still eating a pretty good amount of food.

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3 High, 2 Lows

Hey Guys,

Some fans have been asking for a cutting-phase diet plan. I have done this diet personally and it worked great for me. This is one of the diets (I switched my diet about 3-4 times depending where I was at) I did while preparing for a show that worked really well with me.

It might be extreme for some, but that’s the point–to shock your body. This is known as the 3 high and 2 lows. You can do this for about 2-3 weeks until you start seeing some results. I don’t suggest you stay on this diet constantly but keep a regimen similar to this.

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4 Considerations When Starting a New Diet or Workout Plan

Hey Guys—

As long as there have been people who want to improve how they look, there have been fitness programs and diets aimed at them. In years past, we would see them in some of the most popular magazines out there and now they are becoming more and more available on the web. But how do we know which one is right for us?

Here are a couple of factors you should take into consideration when signing on for a popular diet plan:

Workout plan/meal affordability – Remember to always stay within your budget so you can continue the diet and not have anything deterring you from it. (Staying on a clean diet  can be pricey.) Also, when it comes to gyms, make sure you work out at one you feel comfortable paying and working out at.

Time constraints – Keep in mind that dieting can be difficult for people with a lot of free time, never mind those who are always on the go. Be mindful of your schedule—work, kids, extracurricular activities—when you’re taking on a new regimen that makes a lot of demands on you.

Don’t worry about “the perfect time to start” – You can start the diet any time you’d like. Sure sometimes we say, “Hey I’ll start on Monday,” or “I’ll start the 1st of Jan, Feb, or March” and that’s when we tend to delay. The time to start is the day you’re ready to make that commitment. Make yourself a plan and stick with it!

Is dieting and fitness for me? – At the gym, I see more and more people from different walks of life enter the world of fitness. This could be due to the amount of stress we deal with today or it can just be simply that more people are aware of their health and are taking part to stay healthy. Make sure that you’re dieting or attending the gym for the right reasons. To improve your health.

Keep in mind, dieting is tough so try to keep focused and have a strong mind set on what your goal is and switch up your diet/meal plan so it doesn’t become repetitive. The same thing with the workouts, switch them up and you’ll see great improvements!  Have fun with it, because, after all, this is for your health!

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