KAI’S QUEST CAPTURED IN DVD “A New Breed – Vol. 1 Overkill.”

By Andrew Oye
Apr 8, 2010

The Scoop: Just Announced: IFBB Pro Kai Greene releases his new DVD titled “Kai Greene – A New Breed – Vol. 1 Overkill.” Greene’s first bodybuilding documentary film, ” Overkill” is the first release in the “New Breed” trilogy. The flick follows his inspirational and punishing preparation for the 2009 Mr. Olympia contest.

From his standout physique to his unrelenting dedication and philosophical approach, Greene is one of the most talked-about competitors in modern pro bodybuilding. “Overkill” captures his core, showing the day-to-day struggle of intense training and dieting to reach physical perfection.

The “So What?”: The DVD takes viewers inside Greene’s grueling quest, including 7 weeks of isolation in the desert, that ultimately resulted in a 4th place finish at an Olympia debut many fans wanted him to win. Yet, Greene went on to achieve some redemption with successful defenses of his 2009 Arnold Classic and 2009 Australian Pro titles, winning both shows again in 2010.
Andrew Oye’s verdict: Maybe this new film will give more insight into the world of an enigmatic (some say eccentric) athlete among the new breed of pro bodybuilders.

2010 Arnold Classic Prejudging

2010 Arnold Classic Prejudging

ProSource footage from the 2010 Arnold Classic Prejudging: Dexter Jackson, Phil Heath, Kai Greene, and Branch Warren

Short Circuits Part. 2: CHEST

 article 2008 short circuits part2 chest Short Circuits Part. 2: CHEST

Do you want to maximize your size and definition, but don’t have the luxury to spend hours training? Use any of these three powerful 20-minute pec-focused circuit-training workouts when time is of the essence.

We can probably all agree that the old proverb, “Patience is a virtue,” has merit. But that doesn’t mean we always have to live by it.

Take, for instance, building a bigger, stronger chest. You can spend 40 minutes to an hour dutifully training it, knowing that such dedication over time should yield impressive results. Or, you can slam your pecs hard for 20 minutes once or twice a week, spending less time toiling and more time getting on with the rest of your life — and best yet, without giving up your goal of maximizing your pectoral development.

The following three circuit workouts pack all the benefits of a longer, drawn out training session into a mere 20 minutes. Two of them can be even done at home, saving additional travel time and hassle. Just keep in mind, to complete the routines in that tight window, you’ll want to employ a two-seconds-up/one-second-squeeze-at-the-top/three-seconds-down cadence for every rep, and rest no more than 30 seconds between circuits. Within circuits, the only break between each exercise is the time it takes to switch positions and/or weights for the next movement.

Using these chest workouts, you can save your patience for other endeavors. It should come in handy when sitting in traffic, listening to your boss drone on in a meeting, or — God forbid — if you’re a Cubs fan waiting for a World Series title.

Workout Circuit #1: Dumbbells
Exercise                                                          Reps
Incline Dumbbell Flye                           15, 12, 10
Incline Dumbbell Press                          15, 12, 10
Dumbbell Flat-Bench Press                               12, 10, 8
Dumbbell Pullover                                            12, 10, 8
Bench Dip                                                        10, 10, 10

Instructions: Repeat the circuit three times through.

The math: 164 total reps at 6 seconds per rep = 984 seconds, or about 16 and a half minutes; plus 30 seconds rest between the first and second circuit and second and third circuit, totals 17 and a half minutes, leaving 2 and a half minutes for switching from exercise to exercise within the circuits.

Note: It will add a few minutes to the session, but if you prefer, you can instead break this workout up into a superset and tri-set, first doing the incline flye and press back-to-back three times through, then the flat-bench press, pullover and bench dip back-to-back-to-back three times through. Reconfiguring the workout in this manner eliminates the need to adjust your bench mid-set from the incline to the flat setting, but it does add rest time, as you should rest 30 seconds between each superset and tri-set.

Workout #2: Dumbbells and Barbells
Exercise                                                          Reps
Flat-Bench Barbell Press                                  15, 12, 10
Flat-Bench Dumbbell Flye                                12, 10, 8
Incline Barbell Press                                         12, 10, 8
Incline Dumbbell Flye                           12, 10, 8
Push-Up                                                           12, 12, 12

Instructions: Repeat the circuit three times through. Use a very light weight for a warm up on your first set of flat-bench presses. For safety, have a spotter on hand during both pressing exercises.

The math: 163 total reps at 6 seconds per rep = 978 seconds, or about 16 and a half minutes; plus 30 seconds rest between the first and second and second and third circuits, totals about 17 and a half minutes, leaving 2 and a half minutes for switching from exercise to exercise within the circuits.

Note: We list 12 reps for the push-up, but if you really want to tax yourself to the limit, go to failure on each set. Because of pectoral fatigue, you may need to drop your pressing and flye weights each subsequent circuit (instead of the standard pyramid-up scheme), but going to failure on push-ups will help ensure you’ve worked every muscle fiber in your chest thoroughly.

Workout #3: Machines
Exercise                                                          Reps
Seated Machine Lateral Raise                           15, 12, 10, 8
Seated Machine Press                                      10, 10, 8, 8
Reverse-Pec Deck Flye                                    12, 12, 10, 8
Reverse Cable Crossover                                 12, 12, 10, 8

Instructions: Repeat the circuit four times through.

The math: 165 total reps at 6 seconds per rep = 990 seconds, or 16 and a half minutes; plus 30 seconds rest between the first and second, second and third and third and fourth circuits, totals about 18 minutes, leaving 2 minutes for switching from exercise to exercise within the circuits.

Note: Because you’re using machines and can switch weight effortlessly from set to set, take advantage by pushing yourself — select challenging weights, and if you fail mid-set, simply drop the weight by 10% or so and complete the prescribed reps. Choosing heavy enough weights to start each set that you need to drop mid-set will add an extra dimension of intensity to your session.

Star Running Back and Supreme Protein Spokesman Brian Westbrook is Primed for an Offensive Explosion as NFL Playoffs Approach

article 2008 brian westbrook supreme protein 01 Star Running Back and Supreme Protein Spokesman Brian Westbrook is Primed for an Offensive Explosion as NFL Playoffs Approach

Running back Brian Westbrook is destroying opposing defenses once more and all is well in the City of Brotherly Love. It didn’t take Westbrook long to put the rest of the NFL on notice that he’s back and ready to wreak havoc as his Philadelphia Eagles begin their second-half push for the NFC East division crown.

In Lincoln Field on Sunday, Westbrook absolutely dismantled the Atlanta Falcons, rushing for a career-high 167 yards and 2 touchdowns, and adding six catches for another 42 yards. Next up for Westbrook, Donovan McNabb and the Eagles in a nationally televised game against the Seattle Seahawks on the road in Qwest Field.

Finding himself at center stage is nothing new for Westbrook, who led the NFL in yards from scrimmage with 2,104 in 2008, and was named to his second Pro Bowl and first All-Pro team. With success has come increased recognition for Westbrook, as his high-profile on-field heroics have earned him a number of off-the-field opportunities including, most recently, a promotional deal with the makers of his favorite protein bar, Supreme Protein®.

All of this, of course, comes as terrific news to the Philadelphia Eagles’ legions of rabid fans. Last year, Westbrook truly came into his own as an every-down, workhorse running back and one of the NFL’s elite offensive threats. Long celebrated for his superb conditioning and stamina, Westbrook has taken his physique to a new level this year, adding lean muscle mass and decreasing body fat. These improvements were highly evident on Sunday, as Westbrook ran over, around and through the clearly overmatched Atlanta Falcons, on the way to establishing the Philadelphia Eagles as one of a handful of NFL teams that has legitimate aspirations to representing the National Football Conference in the 2009 Super Bowl in Tampa Bay later this season.

In speaking of his physical dominance and overall physique improvements this year, Westbrook credits changes in overall diet, including the newest addition to his regimen, Supreme Protein® bars. “Supreme Protein® bars were a great discovery for me,” the elusive ball carrier says. “I’ll usually eat two a day. The flavor is sensational and each one has all the ingredients to deliver the high nutritional profile I need to perform at a high level.”

That high level of performance has been striking fear into the hearts of opponents since Westbrook came to the Eagles in the 2002 NFL Draft. Last year, in addition to leading the entire league in total yards, Westbrook also set a new career high in rushing yards with 1,333 and set a new Eagles franchise record with 90 receptions. He is, clearly, the NFL’s most dangerous all-purpose offensive player. Although he has experienced some nagging injuries (including two broken ribs suffered in a particularly nasty collision in a game against the Washington Redskins earlier this year), he now has a clean bill of health and is ready to terrorize opponents once more.

Caramel Nut Carb Conscious Bar
Peanut Butter Carb Conscious Bar
“The wear and tear you absorb over a football season is incredible,” Westbrook says. “It’s important for me to stay healthy, while also maintaining lean body mass and weight so that I can maximize my strength and stamina. Supreme Protein® bars allow me to get the protein and nutrients that I need so that I recover from games and workouts faster. Since I’ve added Supreme Protein® bars to my routine, I’ve been leaner, faster and stronger than ever.”

Now, as the weather turns colder and each game takes on even greater importance, Westbrook’s sights are set on goals that go beyond the personal benchmarks he set last year. With the help of Supreme Protein® bars and his remarkable peak physical conditioning, he looks to return his Philadelphia Eagles to the top of the heap in the highly competitive NFC East and onward to the Super Bowl.


Expanded Event Coverage/Contest Results
by Andrew Oye

THE OLYMPIA EXPO: 9/26 -27/08 10:00 am

The Las Vegas Convention Center was packed with behemoths, mass monsters, ripped abs, beautiful figure competitors, pretty fitness models, and a slew of muscleheads from across the nation and the world. They crammed themselves in an exposition hall that contained a maze of attention-grabbing booths representing companies that were shilling products and giving away free stuff (supplements, energy drinks, protein bars, T-shirts, fitness magazines, calendars, shaker cups, water bottles and other forms of logo-laden paraphernalia).

The Expo also hosted a circus of events from bikini contests, powerlifting challenges, martial arts championships, model searches, boot-camp obstacle courses and a “Mr. Punyverse” contest.

In addition to the stars of the bodybuilding world, celebs from other segments of the sports-entertainment industry made appearances, including UFC stars Wanderlei Silva and Forrest Griffin; WWE stars Batista and John Cena; and “American Gladiators” stars Militia, Titan and Helga.

Though Las Vegas was the location of the event, the theme seemed to be all about Hollywood.

I spoke with my friend, fitness model and actress Christina Lindley, who was stationed at the BSN Booth. “I’m happy to be with BSN. They treat me the best I’ve ever been treated,” said Lindley. Christina still keeps one foot in Hollywood and is currently pitching a reality show idea.

I also caught up with my buddy and perennial cover boy Sagi Kalev at the ThermaLife booth. “I’m doing photo shoots all weekend,” Kalev remarked.  “I’ll be appearing on ABC in fitness segments, and I hope the TV pilot I shot gets picked up soon. We’ve pitched it to HBO and others.” The former gym-owner is considering relocation to California to pursue his entertainment endeavors.

I stopped by my buddy Rico Elbaz’s booth where the fitness model and popular Vegas showman was selling his 2009 calendar alongside photographer George Kontaxis. “I’ve scaled back my client load, so I can make it to Hollywood, California more often,” Elbaz explained. “I need the flexibility to audition. Right now, I want to put together a demo reel that shows off my acting , as well as my other skills, like martial arts. I don’t want to become a giant bodybuilder. I don’t have an off-season. I like to be lean and always ready to work. I’m versatile and I want to find an agent who can market me that way. “

My friend fitness model and actress Sherry Goggin looked like a vision in white at the FitGum booth. In addition to promoting her sexy 2009 calendar, she talked about a reality show she’s involved in. “We’ve already shot many episodes. It’s going to be on a network. It’s going to be big.”

Spotted at various booths were bodybuilding legends Lee Labrada, Lou Ferrigno, and Ed Corney, and IFBB Pros Hidetada Yamagishi, Quincy Taylor, Mark Dugdale, Victor Martinez, DeShaun Grimez, Paco Bautista, Flex Wheeler, Branch Warren, Troy Alves and Kai Greene.

Though Hollywood was on the tips of the tongues of many at the Expo, it could not be forgotten that Las Vegas still had big announcement to make: Who would be crowned 2008 Mr. Olympia?