Unfit to Fit!

Hey Pro-Fans—

As we look around us each day, we read and hear about how Americans are becoming more and more obese and out of shape. Could it be true? How do we go about making this country a healthy country? What are the steps to take?

“Could it be true”

We have had government surveys in just about every year for each state and overall we are getting fatter. Just look at the food that many eat on a day-to-day basis. Look at the ingredients/nutritional facts on our foods, including the calories/fats/cholesterol, etc. And still we eat them.

“Who can make these changes?”

Each and every one of us have the power to do so. Let’s take a look at our own lives, and what we do each day to go from unfit to fit.  We all have choices every second of the day. We wake up, and either go 100% or sometimes veer off. But we know that eating cleaner is a step we need to take to reach the goal of living a healthy lifestyle. I’m not suggesting that we all have to look like bodybuilders, but knowing that we are eating clean is something that is beneficial to our health and family.

“How do we go about making this country a healthy country?”

As a community, we are getting closer and closer to reaching out to people who are not working out, eating clean, and building the motivation to live healthy. I get at least one person a  each day that says to me, ”I’m getting back into it again”,  or “I never lifted a day but want to get started.” Many realize that they do need some health structure in their lives. That’s moving forward in making this country healthy again. Let’s not take the knowledge we have for granted but actually use the important facts in living healthy and apply it to our lives each and every day!

“What steps to take”

I have to say that we sometimes  overwhelm ourselves with too many ideas or put too much thought into what we have to do. Here are a few helpful tips we can use. Start with yourself, by being or showing by example to motivate people around you. Along with starting with yourself start at home, show your kids, your family that living a healthy lifestyle is something positive and the reward is your Health. The more and more we do this, the more it will become a habit of good health and a way to start the ball rolling to living in a healthy country. Make some small changes and you will see the difference.

The way my family keeps a healthy life style is preparing our meals on the weekend and from there we maintain healthy structure. More importantly, teaching our little one to eat clean and healthy will go a long way. This is something we decided, like many other families have also done. Our son is going to be two years old and if you would put French fries or fruits in front of him, every time he would pick his fruits first. I’m proud to say that we’re doing our part….will you?

Absorption vs Utilization

Pro-fans, there has been a great amount of debate on how much protein you should take in one sitting.  I think it’s important to understand the absorption rate and utilization on certain proteins from food or protein shakes.

Let’s start with protein shakes.
Many of you know that whey (isolate) is the fastest way to absorb protein, but the efficacy of taking 30 grams or so of protein depends on how your body will utilize it in your digestive system. With protein shakes, you can absorb about 10 grams of protein per hour, while with whole foods your body can absorb 2-5 grams per hour. But this can also vary depending on how your body breaks it down through your digestive tract. (This is where your body breaks it down and takes the Essential Amino Acids your body needs to grow.) This is different for everyone, we are all in different shapes and sizes, so saying your body will use 40-50-60 grams of protein in one sitting can be a matter of debate. But one thing we know is that everyone is different and we have to calculate the amount of protein we need to take.

I get asked all the time, how much should I take?

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Recovery Time


First, I’d like to say that I hope everyone is reaching their goals. Do not get discouraged by any means if you are lagging. You have the ability to make the changes in your life when it comes to a healthy life style. So today, I’ll discuss muscle recovery, supplements, pre- and post-workout supplements, joint support and how to prevent injury.

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Pro-Fans Q’s and A’s

Hey Pro-Fans, I asked what our fans had questions about concerning workout, diet, health, and supplementation and I received a pretty good amount of feedback. I picked a few to write about and will continue to do so.

I want to thank Anthony Delgaudio, John J. Carucci, and Mike Rollo. I will continue to go through the list and just keep writing.

Q: I’m just starting out. How do I go about it?

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Let’s Make it Happen…GOALS!


Its been a while since I have written something for my blog … but here we go.

January came and went, and many people have made it their resolution/goal to workout, eat healthy, and enjoy life more. I hope we were all honest with ourselves and kept the goal achievable. I see it in my gym, usually the first couple of weeks my gym is packed to the point where I say to myself this won’t last! This year has been different … a lot more people have joined for different reasons and are sticking to it! Here are a few questions I have been getting:

I’m trying to lose weight/get leaner how do I go about it?

The one thing I recommend is planning your week out to do cardio and preparation of your meals in advance. Don’t let “I don’t have time to do cardio” or “I don’t have time to cook” be an excuse because what you’re doing is cheating yourself. Once you get in a groove of doing this in repetition mode you’ll see that you’ll do it without thinking at times. Then it becomes a normal habit and a healthy one.

What do I eat to get leaner?

Common sense is definitely a big plus. You have no idea how many times I get the question, “Can I still have my sweets?” NO, my trainer doesn’t say to me, “Sure Doug, eat your sweets because that will get you to your goal faster.”

Protein: Eat your basic egg whites, chicken, tuna, fish, and beef in many different styles of servings.
Carbs: Oatmeal, potatoes, sweet potatoes, greens, whole wheat bread, and much much more!

Diet doesn’t mean you have to fear eating. Mix it up, this is where you can add spices and get creative with healthy meals.

Which supplements should I take?

There are many supplements out there to take. I’ll give some examples of which ones that have worked well with many people I hear from:

Ultimate Definition Stack http://bit.ly/bOtY6T
Elite Diet Support Stack http://bit.ly/9kpE0D
Brand New Zycor http://bit.ly/AaIMsf
You can even try this stack: 7 keto http://bit.ly/f3BgzJ, CLA and Betastax http://bit.ly/zExBWF

Remember! These supplements will work and complement your diet if you stick to a regimen or workout plan.

Can I still get bigger while cutting up?

This is the question I get after, “How do I (or can I) lose weight?”

You have to remember when losing weight you may be lowering the caloric / carbs intake that you normally have when bulking up, BUT it is still possible to maintain the illusion that you have grown due to getting rid of the body fat. YES you can. Here’s a few suggestions you can take to cut and to add muscle to your physique:

Elite Diet Support Stack http://bit.ly/9kpE0D
Forslean http://bit.ly/lspsrx
AndroCept http://bit.ly/hm6nQO
In studies, carnitine has helped with fat loss and promotes growth!

Remember Pro-Fans to keep focused and you will get to your goal. The only person in your way can sometimes be YOU … NO ONE ELSE. When you point the finger as an excuse the thumb is always pointing back at you. January may have been a time to reflect on what you promised yourself but make February the month to actually hit it hard with your workouts/diet/discipline.

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