Is Vanity breeding Insanity?

A Today’s quest for fitness is often powered by media based delusions of unattainable perfection. To obtain true optimum fitness, it is imperative to maintain a precise balance of nutrition and exercise.

The big business of pharmaceutical promises ranging from physical perfection to emotional stability has resulted in epidemic of obesity and mental illness. Modern medicine is being diluted into a fascistic enterprise generating huge profits for corrupt politicians. The paradox of big pharm is evident in the overall health conditions of the nation. It’s evident that big pharm has become big business. The ads for prescription medication can be found everywhere from TV to magazines to billboards. The subliminal conditioning of this type of corrupt business has left us with a nation of addicted, unhealthy individuals, desperate for health and beauty.
The pressure of maintaining youth and beauty has taken its toll on the nation. People are desperate to obtain physical perfection. The fine line of vanity and insanity has been crossed. The lack of long term health concerns and the promotion of instant gratification, has driven people to insane attempts for physical excellence.
The principle of building muscle is through proper diet and training, however, logic is being replaced with the shortcuts and cheats (see below), sadly, at the expense of the cheaters health.

The administration of oil injections and steroids are not only distorting the human body, but obviously diluting the human mind as well.

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The seduction of our mind and body through subliminal conditioning and unattainable social standards is causing us to lose precisely what we are seeking: mental and physical health.
We need to step back and re-evaluate the logistics of obtaining and maintaining health. Beauty is as individual as we are. There is no absolute design that applies to everyone. The only way to achieve and maintain our own individual excellence is through proper exercise and nutrition. The strengthening of the mind and body through the application of proper USE is the only way.