Creatine Supplements: What Makes it the Best?

Quality is a trait that cannot always be immediately observed. For instance, a glass of crystal-clear water at a restaurant that looks pure can have a number of impurities that may compromise your health if taken over an extended period of time. The same applies to creatine. Any ” 100% creatine” on the market today may look as pure and clean as virgin snow, but unfortunately the harsh reality is that due to inferior raw materials and substandard processing methods some manufacturer’s creatines have more than 5% chemical impurities including, in some, a carcinogenic known as DHT. That makes this highly prized supplement also one of the most highly suspect as regards quality level.

So who can you trust for a legitimate, pure source of creatine? Look to the one that uses the highest-grade raw materials and most effective testing methods for their product—Creapure® by AlzChem.

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Supplement Solutions for Your Summer Shape-Up

By Chad Kerksick, PhD
May 7, 2010


Supplement #1: Burn Calories with a Powerful Thermogenic

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ProSource Line of Premium Health & Wellness Supplements

Chances are, if you meet someone who is extolling the virtues of ProSource, you’re talking to an elite athlete or highly dedicated fitness enthusiast. While that core customer is always going to be ProSource’s primary focus, recent product introductions made by the supplement innovators at ProSource will surely begin bringing in a new and more mainstream customer into the fold.

Remarkable research-backed antioxidant and energy enhancer null

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By Steve Downs, C.S.C.S.

Ask any iron hurler in the gym which protein source he grows best on and the answer will be practically universal: “I eat chicken because it’s lean, but I get biggest and strongest eating red meat.” Back in the ’70s, when Arnold and Franco were kings – and folks like Purdue didn’t mass-produce chicken breasts yet – red meat was the supreme choice of musclemen worldwide.
Kai Greene

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Raptor Bar by Supreme Protein

Raptor’s Specialized Carbohydrate Blend Astounds the Bodybuilding World with its Unprecedented Strength and Size-Building Power

If you regard carbs as the enemy, you’ve already lost the battle.
While avoiding carbs may be of some value to, say, a sedentary housewife looking to lose weight, it’s an absolute disaster scenario for bodybuilders looking to gain muscle mass. Limiting carb intake before, during, and after your workout offers a direct route to inhibited protein synthesis in muscle tissue, lackluster workout intensity and performance, and a post-workout crash of all-important glycogen reserves.

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