Factors and Variable to Consider in Your Fitness Training

As I further my education within exercise physiology and nutrition, I can never give enough respect to the true complexity of the human body.   As I know, training can be very frustrating from time to time.  As frustrating as it may be, it is surely fascinating as well.   There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” science or art relative to training as I have been continually preaching.   I often get the question “Which is better for losing weight? Cardio? Strength? Pilates? Yoga? Dieting?  My answer is always the same: All of it.  You need everything, one is no better than the other.

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3 High, 2 Lows

Hey Guys,

Some fans have been asking for a cutting-phase diet plan. I have done this diet personally and it worked great for me. This is one of the diets (I switched my diet about 3-4 times depending where I was at) I did while preparing for a show that worked really well with me.

It might be extreme for some, but that’s the point–to shock your body. This is known as the 3 high and 2 lows. You can do this for about 2-3 weeks until you start seeing some results. I don’t suggest you stay on this diet constantly but keep a regimen similar to this.

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Extreme Definition Summer Challenge

ProSource.net Fans–

I will be taking part in a Summer Challenge to get lean and ready for the beach. I will using the Ultimate Definition Stack: Vectron, BetaStax, and Razor Ripped along with our fans! In addition to using these top products, I will be following a diet plan to help me reach my goal. I encourage all of our Facebook fans, your friends and family to take part in this Challenge. I know many of us have fitness events coming up and this would be a great way to boost you to your full potential.

Take pictures of your progress and post them to our Facebook wall, and label them Summer Challenge. We will be offering an additional 10% off the Ultimate Definition Stack during this period. Any questions on stacking, products, diet or exercise don’t be afraid to ask! Come on and get ready for summer with us at ProSource!

Newly Lean and Fit, Just in Time for a New Decade

dinardo Newly Lean and Fit, Just in Time for a New Decade
Twenty-nine years old is a pivotal age in anyone’s life. How we look and feel at 29 is a pretty good indicator of how we’ll look and feel in our 30s and 40s. And Greg DeNardo wasn’t happy with his physique. Not by a long shot. The day-to-day grind of working in sales had taken its toll in the form of long hours and poor diet. So when he finally put his feet on that scale, he wasn’t entirely surprised to see the number 230 staring back at him. It was time for a change, and Greg turned to BetaStax.

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BetaStax Helps a Lifelong Dieter Break Through a Weight-Loss Plateau

runyon BetaStax Helps a Lifelong Dieter Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau
Michelle Runyon was always working on maintaining a healthy weight, but she simply wasn’t getting the results she wanted. “I was always dieting and exercising,” she says. “But I took in too many carbs, limited protein, and the wrong kinds of fat. I obsessed about the next fad diet and wished something would work to my advantage so I could just lose 5-10 pounds.” At one point she weighed 160, down from her all-time high of 178. But this modest success wasn’t nearly enough. It was time for a more targeted approach that included better portion control and an extreme weight-loss/energy boosting catalyst called BetaStax.

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