Interview With Pro Baseball Player Rob Semerano

Hey guys!

In my line of work, I have the pleasure of meeting great athletes from many sports. The person we are going to be talking about today is a professional baseball player and his name is Robert Semerano. I had the pleasure of sitting down with him and talking to him about his future goals. In many cases, athletes sometimes hit a plateau and want to step

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Train Smarter, Not Harder

Hello everyone from the Demon team.

The hardest thing for us to accept is the fact that the older we get the smarter we have to be about training.  When Nate and I were 18, we would lift until we literally fainted.  Wake up from fainting then train again.  Needless to say, things change and not only can we not do that stuff anymore, it’s not good for us to do.

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Street Crimes

Just had a vehicle pursuit where the driver bailed out and ran on foot. The foot pursuit was over 1/2 mile long in cold weather and 6 inches of snow.

Had this been a month ago, I would have never caught this 20 year old meth head.
It was awesome, I didn’t even puke after the run. lol

Snow is not helping

This freaking weather is killing me. Been trying so hard to keep eating clean and sticking to a workout. All running is being done on a treadmill. Starting to wish for a 40 degree day so I can go out and run. Weight training is going good though. Been making some gains and cutting inches in all the right places.

Before a SuperBowl Party on Sunday I ran 3 extra miles knowing that I would blow it at the party. My only hope is that I broke even.

Bodybuilding/fitness/nutrition Advisory

Hello all,

My name is Ryan Matter and I was recently selected as the  ProSource “Athlete of the Month” a little while back (  I would like to give a formal introduction on who I am and what my team and I will be doing on this blog website.  I am a member of team “Demon Bodybuilding”, and we will be sharing some bodybuilding tips, secrets, training routines, nutrition plans, etc.  It’s going to be really great and we look forward to helping guide everyone to become more well rounded in their training programs, nutrition, and supplement advisory.

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