ProSource Line of Premium Health & Wellness Supplements

Chances are, if you meet someone who is extolling the virtues of ProSource, you’re talking to an elite athlete or highly dedicated fitness enthusiast. While that core customer is always going to be ProSource’s primary focus, recent product introductions made by the supplement innovators at ProSource will surely begin bringing in a new and more mainstream customer into the fold.

Remarkable research-backed antioxidant and energy enhancer null

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Acai: The Top Super Fruit of All Time?

By Daniel Collier
In case you haven’t already heard, there’s a potent South American super fruit that’s taken the U.S. marketplace by storm and this little berry may offer some huge benefits. Grown in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, ” Acai is loaded with health-promoting compounds that have appeal to just about everyone. Acai has been featured on talk shows like Oprah, Rachel Ray, and multiple news stations such as NBC, CBS, and ABC and has been touted as a ” Super Food or “One of Five Good-For-You Foods You May Have Never Heard Of.” On the Oprah show, renowned physician Dr. Perricone promoted acai berries as the number one super food with a variety of compelling arguments to back that assertion.
Is acai effective for weight loss? As an energy booster?

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