The 2009 Product of the Year!

BetaStax Revolutionizes the Thermogenic Category with its
Extreme Fat-Burning/Energy-Boosting Multi-Pathway Matrix

article 2009 betastax product of year 01 The 2009 Product of the Year! When we at ProSource received our first advance samples of BetaStax in the spring of this past year, we knew right away that we were witnessing a momentous event in the evolution of thermogenic science. Here was a totally new kind of weight-loss/energy-boosting technology, not dependent on the usual mix-andmatch combination of caffeine, yohimbe and/or green tea, and entirely free of compounds (HCA, Hoodia, cortisol blockers) that have proven to be scientific dead ends for so many manufacturers. Instead, in BetaStax we found a revolutionary matrix of ultrabioactive, premium-grade energy factors combined with a primary weight-loss technology that delivers dramatic results by regulating levels of circulating plasma CCK—a unique mechanism of action that is generating some of the most remarkable results ever seen in this category.

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Unleash the Extreme Fat-Loss Power of New BetaStax

betastax Unleash the Extreme Fat Loss Power of New BetaStax A new year. A new resolution. A new and improved you.

If only it were that easy.

The truth, however, is that research indicates the long-term success rates of New Year’s Resolutions are only about 15-20%. While nearly half of Americans make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, typically 20% break their resolution within a week. The vast majority of the remainder lose their way as January and February turn into March and April.

And yet, plenty of people DO succeed. You’ll see them—looking lean, toned, and terrific—on the beach this coming summer. These people know that physique goals aren’t achieved with fad diets or infomercial-hyped “ab-rollers” and “miracle weight loss” gimmicks. Success derives from equal portions of motivation, determination, and the real power of hard science.

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Newly Lean and Fit, Just in Time for a New Decade

dinardo Newly Lean and Fit, Just in Time for a New Decade
Twenty-nine years old is a pivotal age in anyone’s life. How we look and feel at 29 is a pretty good indicator of how we’ll look and feel in our 30s and 40s. And Greg DeNardo wasn’t happy with his physique. Not by a long shot. The day-to-day grind of working in sales had taken its toll in the form of long hours and poor diet. So when he finally put his feet on that scale, he wasn’t entirely surprised to see the number 230 staring back at him. It was time for a change, and Greg turned to BetaStax.

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BetaStax Helps a Lifelong Dieter Break Through a Weight-Loss Plateau

runyon BetaStax Helps a Lifelong Dieter Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau
Michelle Runyon was always working on maintaining a healthy weight, but she simply wasn’t getting the results she wanted. “I was always dieting and exercising,” she says. “But I took in too many carbs, limited protein, and the wrong kinds of fat. I obsessed about the next fad diet and wished something would work to my advantage so I could just lose 5-10 pounds.” At one point she weighed 160, down from her all-time high of 178. But this modest success wasn’t nearly enough. It was time for a more targeted approach that included better portion control and an extreme weight-loss/energy boosting catalyst called BetaStax.

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From Model to Mama and Back

lymbo From Model to Mama and Back

BetaStax™ Helps a Fitness Model Regain Her Lean, Toned Figure in Just 10 Weeks

Lynda Valeri’s biography is a unique 21st century take on the modern American success story. Lynda (or Lymbo, as her many devoted fans know her) has built a tremendous following on the popular social networking site, and parlayed that hard work into a thriving second career as a fitness model.

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