Meal Replacements – Secret Weapon of the On-the-Go Athlete

Whenever I’m in a convenience store these days, I’m always amazed at how many Ready-to-Drink supplement shakes are crammed into the coolers. (I’m old enough to remember when it was Gatorade or nothin’.) The other thing that amazes me is the low-quality of some of these drinks.

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Glutamine: The Essential Non-Essential Amino

Here’s a question I get all the time from bodybuilders: “If my body manufactures its own glutamine, why do I have to take more?”

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MCT OIL: A Bodybuilder’s Secret

I guess I should introduce myself to all of you, what with this being my first blog entry to ProSource and all. But many of you know me already, and the rest of you will get to know me soon enough. Bodybuilding and supplements are a big part of my life, and have been for a long time. That’s who I am.

But anyway, here’s what I really want to talk about. MCT Oil.

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