Recovery Time


First, I’d like to say that I hope everyone is reaching their goals. Do not get discouraged by any means if you are lagging. You have the ability to make the changes in your life when it comes to a healthy life style. So today, I’ll discuss muscle recovery, supplements, pre- and post-workout supplements, joint support and how to prevent injury.

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Creatine Supplements: What Makes it the Best?

Quality is a trait that cannot always be immediately observed. For instance, a glass of crystal-clear water at a restaurant that looks pure can have a number of impurities that may compromise your health if taken over an extended period of time. The same applies to creatine. Any ” 100% creatine” on the market today may look as pure and clean as virgin snow, but unfortunately the harsh reality is that due to inferior raw materials and substandard processing methods some manufacturer’s creatines have more than 5% chemical impurities including, in some, a carcinogenic known as DHT. That makes this highly prized supplement also one of the most highly suspect as regards quality level.

So who can you trust for a legitimate, pure source of creatine? Look to the one that uses the highest-grade raw materials and most effective testing methods for their product—Creapure® by AlzChem.

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Ultra-Hydrolyzed Proteins Emerge as the Key to Extreme Muscle Growth

When it comes to protein supplementation, the Golden Rule hasn’t changed. Quality still beats quantity. However, in light of recent scientific investigation, it has become apparent that the Golden Rule should be amended as follows: null

“Quality still rules, but timing is all important.”

Even as you’re reading this article, there’s a massive transformation going on in our understanding of how and when the human body adds lean muscle mass in response to the combination of resistance training and targeted nutrition. In essence, what scientists are coming to realize is this: “Fast” isn’t nearly fast enough. After an intense workout ends, you have ninety minutes to two hours, at most, for real growth. During this brief period, you’ve got to get targeted nutrition, high-quality aminos and growth factors, into muscle tissue to support repair and growth.

The vast majority of protein formulas contain complex, long-chain aminos that are simply too slow in digesting to properly take advantage of this interval. As a result, athletes are left with unutilized aminos still churning in their guts hours after their workouts, and opportunities for growth are lost.
Myozene Ultra Hydrolyzed Proteins Emerge as the Key to Extreme Muscle Growth

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