Turn on the Light Switch for Ultimate Focus

If there is one thing I am passionate about with my life and career, it is affecting as many people’s lives as I possibly can. I dedicate most of my life to studying fitness and nutrition so I can help people become healthier and improve their overall quality of life. I have only ever attended a few sermons that made me want to walk out of the church and conquer the world. The sermon that most affected me in my career was from Pastor Randy Sizemore who was the pastor at our local church. The whole sermon explained that every person has a specific job in the world. No matter what your career is, you should be affecting people’s lives positively to help them live an easier and better life. It didn’t matter if you were a priest or pastor, as long as you were morally and ethically doing your job and helping people in some way, shape or form you were achieving true success.

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KAI’S QUEST CAPTURED IN DVD “A New Breed – Vol. 1 Overkill.”

By Andrew Oye
Apr 8, 2010

The Scoop: Just Announced: IFBB Pro Kai Greene releases his new DVD titled “Kai Greene – A New Breed – Vol. 1 Overkill.” Greene’s first bodybuilding documentary film, ” Overkill” is the first release in the “New Breed” trilogy. The flick follows his inspirational and punishing preparation for the 2009 Mr. Olympia contest.

From his standout physique to his unrelenting dedication and philosophical approach, Greene is one of the most talked-about competitors in modern pro bodybuilding. “Overkill” captures his core, showing the day-to-day struggle of intense training and dieting to reach physical perfection.

The “So What?”: The DVD takes viewers inside Greene’s grueling quest, including 7 weeks of isolation in the desert, that ultimately resulted in a 4th place finish at an Olympia debut many fans wanted him to win. Yet, Greene went on to achieve some redemption with successful defenses of his 2009 Arnold Classic and 2009 Australian Pro titles, winning both shows again in 2010.
Andrew Oye’s verdict: Maybe this new film will give more insight into the world of an enigmatic (some say eccentric) athlete among the new breed of pro bodybuilders.