4th Meal Tips and Advice

cados 4th Meal Tips and AdviceHey ProSource Fans,

So we have talked about breakfast, the 2nd meal, and lunch. Let me mention the 4th meal, in which normally I use NytroWhey Ultra. Along with that I will either have a half cup of oats and/or a tablespoon of peanut butter. Now, the 2nd meal and the 4th meal are very important (which every meal is), but they are also the ones that help you intake protein while not giving you much time elapsed without eating. The one main purpose of eating every two to three hours is keeping your muscles from breaking down.

Now the meals you can have are just about anything, but remember its supposed to be a snack-like meal where you can take in 20-30 grams of protein. Don’t be afraid to eat some complex carbs, you can absolutely eat fruits and veggies but make sure you are getting protein in the meals you are eating. This can be used for anyone who is looking to put size on or even lean up.

Here are some lunch ideas to give you some variety:

If you are Cutting, try this:
Tuna with some greens

Or check out this recipe for YOGURT POPS

If you are Maintaining, try this:
Chicken, brown rice and an apple

Or check out this recipe for GUILTLESS GUAC

If you are Bulking, try this snack:
NytroWhey, oat meal and 1 tbsp peanut butter

Or check out this recipe for BANANA MAPLE PROTEIN WRAPS

Make sure to check out the (recipe index ) on ProSource.net as they promise to keep adding new recipes to keep our diets fresh and tasty.