Training is Specific to YOU

Hello to Everyone from the Demon Team.

Training has been exceptionally good lately for Nathan and I.  We’ve been implementing new tactics into our training and experimenting with different nutrition styles, all of which have been giving me diverse ideas for the 12-week “crunch time” preparation we are about to go through.  Nate and I were recently at an all-you-can-eat wild game meal to put on some extra good quality size for our recovery.  Both of us Demons ran into some road blocks last week that slowed us down a bit.  Nate was not able to focus throughout the day and was getting shaking fits.  I actually acquired an “eye twitch” that was really annoying and made it hard for me to focus on my Masters studies.  The eye twitch then developed into a fever-like virus that knocked me down for a few days.  Both of us assumed we were overtraining, so we really backed off with the lifting and dieting.  Sometimes all the physiological and chemical changes you are administering to your body can really overload your whole entire system.  Taking your body back to temporary homeostasis and giving yourself a break is my main concern.  I DO NOT believe in working through sickness and illness.

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