Star Running Back and Supreme Protein Spokesman Brian Westbrook is Primed for an Offensive Explosion as NFL Playoffs Approach

article 2008 brian westbrook supreme protein 01 Star Running Back and Supreme Protein Spokesman Brian Westbrook is Primed for an Offensive Explosion as NFL Playoffs Approach

Running back Brian Westbrook is destroying opposing defenses once more and all is well in the City of Brotherly Love. It didn’t take Westbrook long to put the rest of the NFL on notice that he’s back and ready to wreak havoc as his Philadelphia Eagles begin their second-half push for the NFC East division crown.

In Lincoln Field on Sunday, Westbrook absolutely dismantled the Atlanta Falcons, rushing for a career-high 167 yards and 2 touchdowns, and adding six catches for another 42 yards. Next up for Westbrook, Donovan McNabb and the Eagles in a nationally televised game against the Seattle Seahawks on the road in Qwest Field.

Finding himself at center stage is nothing new for Westbrook, who led the NFL in yards from scrimmage with 2,104 in 2008, and was named to his second Pro Bowl and first All-Pro team. With success has come increased recognition for Westbrook, as his high-profile on-field heroics have earned him a number of off-the-field opportunities including, most recently, a promotional deal with the makers of his favorite protein bar, Supreme Protein®.

All of this, of course, comes as terrific news to the Philadelphia Eagles’ legions of rabid fans. Last year, Westbrook truly came into his own as an every-down, workhorse running back and one of the NFL’s elite offensive threats. Long celebrated for his superb conditioning and stamina, Westbrook has taken his physique to a new level this year, adding lean muscle mass and decreasing body fat. These improvements were highly evident on Sunday, as Westbrook ran over, around and through the clearly overmatched Atlanta Falcons, on the way to establishing the Philadelphia Eagles as one of a handful of NFL teams that has legitimate aspirations to representing the National Football Conference in the 2009 Super Bowl in Tampa Bay later this season.

In speaking of his physical dominance and overall physique improvements this year, Westbrook credits changes in overall diet, including the newest addition to his regimen, Supreme Protein® bars. “Supreme Protein® bars were a great discovery for me,” the elusive ball carrier says. “I’ll usually eat two a day. The flavor is sensational and each one has all the ingredients to deliver the high nutritional profile I need to perform at a high level.”

That high level of performance has been striking fear into the hearts of opponents since Westbrook came to the Eagles in the 2002 NFL Draft. Last year, in addition to leading the entire league in total yards, Westbrook also set a new career high in rushing yards with 1,333 and set a new Eagles franchise record with 90 receptions. He is, clearly, the NFL’s most dangerous all-purpose offensive player. Although he has experienced some nagging injuries (including two broken ribs suffered in a particularly nasty collision in a game against the Washington Redskins earlier this year), he now has a clean bill of health and is ready to terrorize opponents once more.

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“The wear and tear you absorb over a football season is incredible,” Westbrook says. “It’s important for me to stay healthy, while also maintaining lean body mass and weight so that I can maximize my strength and stamina. Supreme Protein® bars allow me to get the protein and nutrients that I need so that I recover from games and workouts faster. Since I’ve added Supreme Protein® bars to my routine, I’ve been leaner, faster and stronger than ever.”

Now, as the weather turns colder and each game takes on even greater importance, Westbrook’s sights are set on goals that go beyond the personal benchmarks he set last year. With the help of Supreme Protein® bars and his remarkable peak physical conditioning, he looks to return his Philadelphia Eagles to the top of the heap in the highly competitive NFC East and onward to the Super Bowl.