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If you regard carbs as the enemy, you’ve already lost the battle.
While avoiding carbs may be of some value to, say, a sedentary housewife looking to lose weight, it’s an absolute disaster scenario for bodybuilders looking to gain muscle mass. Limiting carb intake before, during, and after your workout offers a direct route to inhibited protein synthesis in muscle tissue, lackluster workout intensity and performance, and a post-workout crash of all-important glycogen reserves.

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Tommy Hanson Looks To Continue His Torrid Pace

By Daniel Collier
Apr 2, 2010

With the start of the baseball season just days away, pitcher Tommy Hanson is preparing for just his second season (first full) in the big leagues. A year ago the young phenom was still battling at this point just to prove he deserved a spot in the Atlanta Braves starting rotation, he’s now viewed by many as the ace of the staff.


Ultimately getting called up in June of last year, Hanson didn’t take long to impress, shutting out both the Red Sox and Yankees just weeks into his debut. More than living up to the hype Hanson was flat out dominant in his 20 big league starts and routinely drew comparisons from manager Bobby Cox, to another pitcher he managed years before… You may have heard of him, future hall of famer John Smoltz.

Finishing the season with 2.89 ERA and 12-4 overall record, Hanson was voted runner-up for the National League rookie of the year award and most believe he would have won had he been with the Braves all season.

At just 23, and only 20 major league stars under his belt, the 6 foot 6, 230 pound right-hander has already assembled a list remarkable professional achievements. However, nothing however personifies the type of pitcher Hanson is better than his start against the Boston Red Sox. Sick with 104-degree fever just the night before the game, Hanson showed up at the stadium the next morning and pitched six shutout innings against one of the best offensive teams in the league. Pitching coach Roger McDowell would later say; “The great ones are the ones that don’t miss starts. That’s the key to being a top-of-the-rotation guy. A lot of guys have talent. The great ones have a presence – a very self-assured presence. That combination is fairly rare.” I think it’s safe to say that Tommy fits this description.

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The Golden Eagle Tom Platz

article 2009 tom platz golden eagle 02 The Golden Eagle Tom Platz Tom Platz was one of the most beloved bodybuilders of the late 1970s and 1980s. Known by his adoring fans as the “Golden Eagle,” Tom competed in and won multiple professional bodybuilding competitions throughout his era, most notably taking a controversial third place finish at the 1981 Mr. Olympia. Perhaps most recognized for his remarkable leg development, Tom made a professional bodybuilding comeback in 1995 and was awarded honorary Mr. America. Now at the age of 53, the Golden Eagle is again strongly thinking of making another comeback. I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Tom recently to discuss the possible comeback among other things.

Q: When did you begin bodybuilding? What motivated you to pick that particular sport and how did you retain that motivation throughout your career?

A: I could probably talk for an hour about that! Well, I began bodybuilding when I was 9 years old and I became very serious about it in a short period of time. When I saw Dave Draper in the movie Don’t Make Waves, I was absolutely mesmerized. I thought, my God, look at that guy! To a young kid looking for an identity, looking to gain some notoriety, it was that movie and also a particular fitness advertisement of Mr. Draper endorsing Weider exercise equipment that really got me inspired to be a bodybuilder. I told my dad, “when I grow-up, I want to be like him (Dave Draper), that’s what I want to do!” My life changed forever and was essentially shaped in a sense by seeing Dave Draper in those two things.

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