Recovery Time


First, I’d like to say that I hope everyone is reaching their goals. Do not get discouraged by any means if you are lagging. You have the ability to make the changes in your life when it comes to a healthy life style. So today, I’ll discuss muscle recovery, supplements, pre- and post-workout supplements, joint support and how to prevent injury.

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Training a Future UFC Champion

tim boetsch 300x187 Training a Future UFC ChampionI hope everyone tuned into Spike TV to see my client Tim “The Barbarian” Boetsch manhandle Kendall “Da Sypder” Grove!  This was a big win for The Barbarian with his Middleweight Debut. The fans were impressed with Tim’s new figure at 185lbs (including  UFC President Dana White).  We worked incredibly hard implementing different nutrition and supplementation to get The Barbarian to a powerhouse at middleweight.  We used a ton of ProSource supplements to get the Barbarian to look the way he did.  We always want to thank all of our fans for the support and will promise to keep working hard to make a real run at the title.  Many of my new ProSource followers were asking how I got acquainted with UFC fighter Tim “The Barbarian” Boetsch.  How do a bodybuilder and UFC fighter train together and be beneficial for one another with their methodologies and styles with training/dieting?  This blog entry is going to be dedicated to the dynamic synergy which makes Tim and I a nasty and unique force.

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Short Circuits, Part 8: Calves & Forearms

article 2009 short circuits part8 calves forearms Short Circuits, Part 8: Calves & Forearms

By Michael Berg, NSCA-CPT

Always running short on time when it comes to these small but important muscle groups? We have the answer: Four 10-minute circuit-training workouts that serve as perfect cappers to any training session.

There are certain truths in the world that are absolute. When choosing between checkout lines at the grocery store, the one you end up bypassing will invariably be faster. Safety videos created by the human resources department will always be drier than a piece of three-day-old toast. And no matter what time of day or night it is, you can be sure that somewhere in the world, someone is shrugging as they leave the gym and saying, “Eh, I’ll have time to work my calves and forearms next time.”

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