Recovery Time


First, I’d like to say that I hope everyone is reaching their goals. Do not get discouraged by any means if you are lagging. You have the ability to make the changes in your life when it comes to a healthy life style. So today, I’ll discuss muscle recovery, supplements, pre- and post-workout supplements, joint support and how to prevent injury.

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Success and the Art of “Going Backwards”

The key to success in whatever fitness or nutrition plan you are pursuing is being totally true to yourself.  Whenever I start my training I make a list of things that I know I am not good at and make sure I address each one in my 12 week prep the best of my abilities.  For instance, I got all my partying out of me and I made a commitment that I will not miss church these next couple months.  I threw away all my chocolate Easter candy that sometimes beats me down.  All of the outside stressors and negativity need to be put to a halt and dealt with after competition and total satisfactory with my body is accomplished.  You should never plan on doing something that you already know you are going to fail at.  Confidence dictates success when pursuing a diet or exercise regime.

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Training is Specific to YOU

Hello to Everyone from the Demon Team.

Training has been exceptionally good lately for Nathan and I.  We’ve been implementing new tactics into our training and experimenting with different nutrition styles, all of which have been giving me diverse ideas for the 12-week “crunch time” preparation we are about to go through.  Nate and I were recently at an all-you-can-eat wild game meal to put on some extra good quality size for our recovery.  Both of us Demons ran into some road blocks last week that slowed us down a bit.  Nate was not able to focus throughout the day and was getting shaking fits.  I actually acquired an “eye twitch” that was really annoying and made it hard for me to focus on my Masters studies.  The eye twitch then developed into a fever-like virus that knocked me down for a few days.  Both of us assumed we were overtraining, so we really backed off with the lifting and dieting.  Sometimes all the physiological and chemical changes you are administering to your body can really overload your whole entire system.  Taking your body back to temporary homeostasis and giving yourself a break is my main concern.  I DO NOT believe in working through sickness and illness.

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Get On the Ball

By Michael Berg, NSCA-CPT

These 5 exercise-ball moves are so effective, even a guy would do them

You’ve surely seen them in the gym. Maybe you’ve even given one an irritated kick out of the way as you made your way through the free-weight area. The fact they’re reminiscent of that old childhood toy the hippity hop (sans handle) doesn’t help. Nor does the fact that the way many people use them is a bit suspect. Torso twists? Seated dumbbell curls? Oh, please.

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In Search of Power, Part 3

By John Davies, Founder Renegade Training

As we go forward in the next stage of our preliminary DMC™ training session from parts 1 and part 2 of “In Search of Power“, it is very obvious to users how this program points out weaknesses in lower body, core strength as well as lack of appropriate balance between upper and lower body strength. This in itself is one of the most important points I can make within athletic training, whereby far too much focus is spent on developing the upper body as opposed to looking at overall body development with the lower extremities as the basis. We’ll continue with this further but the point is that most training develops an individual as an inverted triangle (aka “the dreidel” complex) whereas it should be precisely the opposite.

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